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1.2 billion opportunities

Business in Africa 1.2 billion opportunities The commodity boom may be over, and barriers to doing business are everywhere. But Africa’s market of 1.2 billion people still holds huge promise, says Daniel KnowlesOriginal source link

A conversation on leadership with the deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

(Kevin K. McAleenan, photographed by CBP photographer James Tourtellotte) Kevin K. McAleenan is the deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, making him the chief operating official of the 60,000-employee agency that handles customs, immigration and border security at our nation’s airports, seaports and along our land borders. McAleenan, who played an integral role […]

A Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren pairing would be profoundly unusual – and not just in national politics

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, greets Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as they arrive for Sen. John Kerry's (D-Mass.) confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to become the next Secretary of State. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) As the 2016 race's veepstakes gets into full swing, the buzz over whether Sen. Elizabeth Warren […]

A melancholy mood

Time to lighten up “WE HAVE A saying that raki is different in the glass,” says Fatih Okumus, noting that Turkey’s colourless national spirit turns milky white when you add water. It is a surprising way for a top adviser to Diyanet, the government’s overseer of mosques, to illustrate the difference between Turkish and what he calls “Arab” Islam. He goes on to explain: “We believe that the Koran is not the same in life as in the book; it needs mediation. In small doses religion is beneficial, but in big doses it’s a hazard.” Mr Okumus says this explains why so few Turks have embraced radical jihadism. Yet his advice should also be taken to heart by Turkey’s current leaders. The rule of the AK party is an example of how you can have too much of a good thing. The repressed voice of Turkey’s conservative working class needed to be heard. The overweening influence of its military had to be contained. The entrepreneurial energy of its businessmen had to be unleashed. And the Kemalists’ obs..

A modern ark

ALONG THE BANKS of the Apalachicola river, near the border between Florida and Georgia, lives a rare tree called a stinking cedar. Once common, Torreya taxifolia seems to have got stuck in this tiny pocket as the continent warmed after the last ice age. It cannot migrate northward because the surrounding soils are too poor. Attacked by fungi, just a few hundred stinking cedars remain along the river. Rising temperatures now threaten to kill them off entirely. Spying a looming extinction, a group of people is engaged in a kind of ecological vigilantism. The self-styled “Torreya Guardians” collect thousands of seeds a year and plant them in likely places across the eastern United States. Stinking cedar turns out to thrive in North Carolina. The Torreya Guardians are now trying to plant it in colder states like Ohio and Michigan as well. By the time the trees are fully grown, they reason, temperatures might be ideal there. Some are dubious. The Torreya Guardians were at first seen as “e..

A tale of two Calvin Coolidges

(Backgrounds by Craig & Karl for The Washington Post; Photo by Amy King/The Washington Post) For decades, President Calvin Coolidge was mocked as 'Silent Cal' and chastised for having a do-nothing approach to leadership. But more recently, his political star has been on the rise—particularly among conservatives—as some politicians, economists and historians reassess his tenure […]

Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe

Give Your Game a Boost As the weather heats up, you will most likely veer toward those early morning tee times—and the dewy, slippery greens that come with them. Adidas just released its new Tour360 Boost footwear line, an update from its popular Tour360 model, and this iteration features a dual-density 10-cleat TPU outsole, which […]

Adidas Ultimate Shorts

Up Your Short Game The Adidas Ultimate Short just elevated the golf shorts game. Featuring moisture-wicking stretch fabric and a water-resistant finish, these shorts come in solids, plaids, heather, and chino fabric styles. Plus, they include an Adidas-printed gripper to keep your shirt tucked in. The shorts’ snag-free micromesh pockets encourage airflow and breathability, and […]

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Pro First Aid Kit

Prep Like a Pro Developed for the Yosemite Mountain School by Adventure Medical Kits as a lightweight kit with professional-grade equipment, this assemblage is now available to anyone who wants to be prepared like a pro. Weighing in at less than two pounds, this kit is watertight and ultralight and includes supplies such as a […]

Advice on leading high-risk projects in government

Jason Matheny (Photo credit: Todd Anderson) Jason Matheny is the director of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, or IARPA, which conducts scientific research and develops technologies for national intelligence. In an interview with Tom Fox, Matheny talked about helping the intelligence community engage in better forecasting, funding high-risk, high-reward research and accepting failure as […]

Aether Apparel Peak Down Ski Jacket

Poofless Performance Want a technical ski coat that doesn’t make you look like the Michelin man? Cult brand Aether—as in the original spelling for the air up there—has your back…and your front, sides, head, neck, etcetera. This jacket is seriously warm, standing up to wind gusts and cold temperatures on a recent trip to Big […]

Alone in the world

A haven for Syrian refugees FEW COUNTRIES OCCUPY a geopolitical space of such sensitivity as Turkey, or have played such a range of critical and overlapping international roles. It has been a gateway and a bridge to Europe, most dramatically in recent months for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, as well as a conduit for energy supplies. It has been a buffer to revolutionary Iran, and a barrier to Russia’s southward ambitions since long before it joined NATO in 1952 (and even more so since Vladimir Putin decided to leap into Syria’s maelstrom). It has been an anchor to the ever-turbulent Middle East, and in some ways also a model to other Muslim countries of a relatively tolerant, relatively democratic and economically quite successful government. Yet the country has all too often failed to show both strength and responsibility at the same time. For decades after the second world war Turkey stuck to its own business and remained a staunch ally of the West, both in NATO and as a..

Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Airbag System

Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself With more than 50 years of craftsmanship under its belt, Alpinestars gear has been a favorite of motorcycle racers for a very good reason: Its products are built to protect. That’s why MotoGP racers have been wearing the Alpinestars Tech-Air since 2009. Now available to the public, the Tech-Air […]

Amok Equipment Draumr 3.0 Hammock with Tarp

Above the Dirt The idea of eschewing a tent in favor of a hammock on your next trip into the woods has always held appeal—until you try it. Slung between two trees, if you’re the type who likes a little room to move at night, a hammock can feel like a nylon straightjacket: You inevitably […]

Anchor Nutrition Bar

Anti-Nausea Snack Ever find yourself on a beautiful boat, sailing the high seas, with sun shining, blue water splashing, and the nausea about to ruin it all? Well, the days of internal “please don’t puke” pleas from seasick sufferers might be over. The Anchor bar was designed by a gastroenterologist‎ with pregnant woman in their […]

Andy Grove was the godfather of modern tech CEOs

Intel Chairman Andy Grove and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates with a historic IBM 5150 PC in 2001. Grove died last week at age 79. (Lou Dematteis/Reuters) Much has been made in recent years about tech CEOs who don't have an office. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg sits at a desk among his employees. When Meg Whitman took […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s five books for your summer reading

Apple CEO Tim Cook with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) at Apple headquarters in February 2015. (Photo courtesy of Apple) Tim Cook has a poster of Robert F. Kennedy on the wall of his office. He has quoted Kennedy's famous "Ripple of Hope" speech, given in South Africa in 1966. A bust of the young progressive […]

Arccos Golf GPS Tracking System

I Can Get More Stat-is-faction Living in an era of instant gratification has its perks. Apps offer everything from food delivery to car service in minutes. Now, with the Arccos Golf GPS system, players can use a free iOS app to track their golf game in real time. Using Bluetooth technology, the makers of Arccos […]