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The best toys and LEGO deals on Black Friday 2016

If you're looking for hot deals on toys and LEGO for Black Friday this year, you've come to the right place! We're rounding up all the best prices on the best toys in the lead up to Black Friday and throughout the weekend. Toys are always a great thing to buy in Black Friday week […]

The best iPhone 7 deals on Black Friday 2016

This page will help you find the best iPhone 7 deals available in the UK. Whether you want the cheapest deal or the one with the best data allowance, we've got you covered – and with just a few weeks to go until Black Friday now is the time to think about buying. At the […]

The best Argos Black Friday deals 2016

Black Friday is now just three days away and the deals and promotions are hotting up on the Argos homepage as well as those of the other UK retailers. The Argos Black Friday sale went live on Saturday and similar to last year, Argos has gone a bit early with some great deals on toys […]

Best gaming PC: 7 of the top rigs you can buy in 2016

Ignore the haters, PC gaming is in better shape than ever. Top-end powerhouse builds, such as the cutting-edge Overclockers UK Titan Hadron are no longer single-handedly occupying the throne, thanks to loosened system requirements in emerging games tech like VR. The simplicity of digital storefronts like Steam and the Windows Store makes buying the best […]

Top 50 best free games you should play today

Building a PC designed to challenge the limits of the latest consoles can be next to impossible while sticking to a modest budget. By the time you’ve invested all you can in hardware, the games themselves may be financially out of reach. Then again, who says the best things in life aren’t free? It’s 2016, […]

The best John Lewis Black Friday deals 2016

John Lewis doesn't particularly like Black Friday. It would rather not have to discount products it would be selling anyway in the run up to Christmas. But guess what? Black Friday is Black Friday and that means you've got to be in it to win it! What's more, John Lewis has a famous policy of […]

iPhone 8 Plus release date, news and rumors

Next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone. It has almost been ten years since Steve Jobs walked out on stage and changed the way we use our mobile phones, so you can expect Apple to celebrate with major upgrades on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. That stacks up with […]

The best Currys Black Friday deals 2016

Currys and PC World have already launched big Black Friday sales promotions. Like last year, they're calling Black Friday deals 'Black Tag promotions' – they're running up until the day itself when there will be even more deals and offers going live for one day only. Currys is a good option for Black Friday purchases […]

The best Amazon Black Friday deals 2016

We're just a few days away now from Black Friday, but Amazon started with the super hot deals last week. Again we're seeing improved offers today, especially for tech fans. We've been through the lot and have highlighted the best ones below. All the deals on this page will keep going until they sell out […]

The best Tesco Direct Black Friday deals 2016

Tesco is one of the UK's leading retailers, well known for Marmite and Pot Noodles, but did you also know that it sells games consoles and tellies and that? No? Well it does, and it goes in for Black Friday in a pretty significant way too. In the dirty, offline world, Tesco makes sure that […]

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and if that’s the case, Dyson’s latest fan is doing its darndest to make your home a little more like heaven. Promising to keep you cool in the summer (well, as much as a non-air conditioning fan can), warm in the winter and breathing well all year round, […]

How to watch live sports online for less

More and more people are switching over to streaming from cable every month, but there’s still a few things standing in the way of some people. One of the biggest reasons people refuse to switch to streaming services, for example, is that they watch a lot of live sports. Thankfully, being a sports fan doesn’t […]

Zuckerberg reveals plans to address misinformation on Facebook

He’d been dismissive about the reach of misinformation on Facebook, saying that false news accounted for less than one percent of all the posts on the social media network. But a slew of media reports this week have demonstrated that, although fake posts may not make up the bulk of the content on Facebook, they […]

You might own one of the last Apple-made wireless routers

It appears Apple is moving away from the wireless router biz, as the company reportedly disbanded its AirPort division and redistributed the team to different projects. Apple had been scaling back its wireless router division over the past year, putting the displaced engineers to work in other areas like Apple TV, Bloomberg reports. What does […]

The 15 best laptops of 2016: the top laptops ranked

Just a few years ago, pundits were (perhaps prematurely) declaring the death of the PC. This was due in part to the swarm of tablets that flooded market following the lead of the iPad in 2010. Laptops particular have seen renewed purpose as a result of not only Microsoft's Windows 10 unification efforts, but also […]

Surface Pro 5 release date, news and rumors

After a year with the impressive, commercially successful we might add, Surface Pro 4, naturally we tech lovers are already thinking about its successor. In fact, rumors of a Surface Pro 5 release date have been floating around the internet since the current model was launched onto store shelves. The keyword there is "rumors", however, […]