Colombia and the FARC strike a new peace agreement

WHEN Colombia’s government reached an agreement in August to end its 52-year war with the FARC guerrilla army, it claimed the deal was the “best accord possible”. After Colombian voters rejected it in a plebiscite on October 2nd the government and the FARC went back to the negotiating table. On November 12th Colombia’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, presented the revised accord that resulted from the talks. It is, he claimed in a televised address, even better.

It is not clear yet how Mr Santos, who was awarded the Nobel peace prize last month, will secure ratification of the new agreement. He might risk another referendum or simply send it to Congress, where he commands a majority. Álvaro Uribe, a former president who led the campaign against the first version of the agreement, said he wants to study the revised accord before rendering a judgment.

The changes are considerable. After weeks of meetings between the Colombian government and domestic critics of the deal, including Mr Uribe, the government presented 500 proposed modifications to FARC representatives in Havana, where the peace negotiations have been taking place. Chastened…Continue reading

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