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  • 12:05New Robin Roberts

    Robin Roberts

    byDanielle Added 12Views/0Likes

    GMA anchor Robin Roberts tells us about her 20/20 special with the "American Sniper" widow, Taya Kyle. Then, Robin opens up about being a cancer survivor and life with her longtime girlfriend, Amber.

  • 05:21New After Show: Shoulder Pads!

    After Show: Shoulder Pads!

    byDanielle Added 14Views/0Likes

    Wendy dishes about her show look with Memsor! Find out how they both would have styled the outfit differently.

  • 05:13New 2015 Spring Beauty Picks!

    2015 Spring Beauty Picks!

    byDanielle Added 13Views/0Likes

    Spring is here and it's time to update your look with some new beauty products.Style and beauty expert, Jenn Falik, reveals this year's must-have picks.

  • 02:08New A Live Commercial for Zillow

    A Live Commercial for Zillow

    byDanielle Added 7Views/0Likes

    Ellen has discovered how the Zillow app can help you find your perfect home.

  • 01:43New Jack Black on Disco Fever

    Jack Black on Disco Fever

    byDanielle Added 7Views/0Likes

    He talked to Ellen about his love of dancing.

  • 03:03New Jack Black vs. Mechanical Bull

    Jack Black vs. Mechanical Bull

    byDanielle Added 7Views/0Likes

    He raised a thousand dollars for charity for every five seconds he stayed on the bull. Find out his grand total!

  • 04:13New An Inspiring Houzz Makeover

    An Inspiring Houzz Makeover

    byDanielle Added 7Views/0Likes

    Matt and Jess have an incredible family and an amazing spirit. Ellen teamed up with Houzz to give them a tremendous surprise.

  • 00:34New Classic Joke Friday: ET Edition

    Classic Joke Friday: ET Edition

    byDanielle Added 8Views/0Likes

    Ellen had another zinger for her audience today!



  • 06:06New Submission - 3D Speed art (#Cinema4D) | CreativeStation

    Submission - 3D Speed art (#Cinema4D) | CreativeStation

    byDanielle Added 9Views/0Likes

    More Videos: http://www.CStation.net Submit Your Video: http://submit.CStation.net Artist: Matteo Sardella https://www.youtube.com/user/AsciuuDONATE: http://www.donate.cstation.netLets make CS Better, donate today. All funds will be use to promote Creativ

  • 02:06New NASA | Phoenix Prominence Eruption

    NASA | Phoenix Prominence Eruption

    byDanielle Added 12Views/0Likes

    Over a six-hour period on April 21, 2015, NASA's Solar Dyanmics Observatory (SDO) observed a wing-like prominence eruption. SDO views the sun in various wavelengths of the extreme ultravoilet, including 171 (shown in gold) and 304 (shown in orange) angstr



    byDanielle Added 13Views/0Likes

    A lot of you guys have been sending me pictures of giant skeletons lately. Bills channel viewers like Jack Garbutt, Vidal Figueroa, Amar Taha, and Brandon Rhodes have all alerted me to these photos. Most of them show ancient giants being dug up by scienti

  • 07:56New African Wild Dog Pups Eat And Play

    African Wild Dog Pups Eat And Play

    byDanielle Added 13Views/0Likes

    Filmed at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa ()LIVE AFRICAM WEBCAM FROM IDUBE: Subscribe for more great wildlife clips: ROB THE RANGER WILDLIFE VIDEOS on Social Networks:TWITTER: BLOG: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: TUMBLR:

  • 04:31New Inside the Nepal Earthquake

    Inside the Nepal Earthquake

    byDanielle Added 13Views/0Likes

    SciShow News explains the forces at work behind the earthquake in Nepal, introduces you to a new species of dinosaur, and reveals a discovery in Antarctica.Relief services for Nepal:Save the Children Oxfam International American Red Cross U.S. Fund for UN

  • 11:20New Do You Have Alien Hand Syndrome? #FactWar

    Do You Have Alien Hand Syndrome? #FactWar

    byDanielle Added 11Views/0Likes

    Do You Have Alien Hand Syndrome?This week a professional farter and alien hands go up against an heroic dog and a skydiving miracle, as John and Dave do battle to see who has the best facts on the internet.Who Had The Better Facts.. Let Us Know In The Com

  • 04:50New How did Fish learn to Walk?

    How did Fish learn to Walk?

    byDanielle Added 11Views/0Likes

    A fish that walks may reveal the secrets of animal evolution on land.Fish came onto land over 400 million years ago, leading to the evolution of all land animals, including man. There is a creature alive today, seemingly frozen in time, that may teach us

  • 02:17New Coming Soon on MMUSA: Motor Mountain USA Trailer # 1

    Coming Soon on MMUSA: Motor Mountain USA Trailer # 1

    byDanielle Added 11Views/0Likes

    ( ) Motor Mountain USA is a year long road tip quest to visit the 50 highest mountain tops in all 50 states. Check out this TFL trailer as we show you what's coming up soon on MMUSA.( ) Please visit to support TFLcar & TFLtruck.Check us out on:Facebook: (

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