Drag and Drop Images from Siri on Mac 

Siri’s on the Mac now, but exactly why you’d use it is still a mystery for some people. How-To Geek points out that one handy thing you can do with it is easily pull up images, then drag and drop the results. Read more… Original source link

Xbox One game streaming comes to Oculus Rift on December 12

Oculus Rift owners will be able to stream Xbox One games to their headsets starting December 12, giving them an immersive way to play. This makes a ton of sense, given the existing cooperation between the two companies, including the fact that every Oculus Rift sold ships with an Xbox One controller in the box. […]

Google’s redesigned Google Sites goes live

For the longest time, Google Sites felt like the forgotten app in Google’s productivity suite. Earlier this year, though, the company announced that it would finally give Sites a full overhaul. Today, after a short beta, this new version of Sites is going live for all users. Google Sites is essentially a drag-and-drop website builder […]

10 gizmos and gifts to encourage kids to learn to code

Welcome to the 2016 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide! We’ll be rolling out a bunch of guides leading up to Christmas, hopefully making your holiday shopping a little easier. Think you’ve got a budding coder in your house? The learn-to-code space has no shortage of ideas to inspire young minds and help them get to grips […]

New Google Sites

Google Sites is one of the more underused apps in G Suite (the new name for Google Apps for Education). I’ve been using it for a number of years in school for newsletters and internal staff memos. Unfortunately, while functional, Google Sites was not particularly attractive. However, its great strength, for me, was how one […]

7 Kids Teepee Choices for Imaginative Play

A kids teepee is the perfect place for your child to engage in imaginative play. Kids love turning a teepee into their own private imaginary world. A kid’s teepee is also a great place to curl up and read, or nap when your child needs a quiet place to rest. My four-year-old daughter is always […]

How to Form a Double-Crust Pie

Whether you're using our easy pie dough or a more old-fashioned, flaky variety, the steps for rolling it and shaping it into a sealed, double-crust pie are identical: Roll the dough, fill it, cover it, trim it, crimp it, egg wash it, and bake it. Ta-da! Read MoreOriginal source link

Universal plans to bring Wattpad stories to TV

Social publishing platform Wattpad is making its biggest move into Hollywood yet thanks to a new deal with Universal Cable Productions. UCP is a TV production company owned by NBCUniversal — it’s produced shows including USA’s Mr. Robot, SyFy’s The Magicians and Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. As a result of the deal, the company […]

Zuckerberg reveals plans to address misinformation on Facebook

He’d been dismissive about the reach of misinformation on Facebook, saying that false news accounted for less than one percent of all the posts on the social media network. But a slew of media reports this week have demonstrated that, although fake posts may not make up the bulk of the content on Facebook, they […]

The Red and Black Bag

Sometimes, it’s all about a good color combo in your bag. Everyday Carry reader’s Ed Visoso’s bag manages a nice consistent red and black theme. Read more… Original source link

Use Two Quarters to Measure Perfect Pie Dough Thickness

The perfect pie dough takes work, and one factor that influences how well it—and your overall pie—turns out is the thickness of the crust at the bottom. Too thin and it gets soggy and breaks. Too thick and it’s just gross. Luckily, two quarters will get you the perfect thickness every time. Read more… Original […]

Google acquires Qwiklabs to teach developers cloud skills

Google today announced that it has acquired Qwiklabs, a hands-on learning platform for those who want to become more familiar with operating cloud environments and writing applications that run on them. Qwiklabs, which launched in 2012, has only focused on teaching skills for Amazon’s AWS platform so far. Given AWS’ dominance in the marketplace, that […]