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In the News: Education Secretary: Trump’s Search For Education Secretary Narrows To Two Candidates – by Education Next

Who will Donald Trump choose as his Education Secretary? BuzzFeed reported Monday night that the two finalists for the position are Betsy DeVos and Michelle Rhee. Both candidates met with Donald Trump over the weekend. Molly Hensley-Clancy writes DeVos is in most ways a conventional choice for the position: a longtime advocate of alternatives to […]

Graduation Rates: What Does a Diploma Tell Us? – by Andy Smarick

We should be cheered by the recent news about rising high school graduation rates. But some facts beneath the headlines also raise a number of important policy questions and suggest a real opportunity for some social entrepreneurialism. US high school graduation rates hit an all-time high, 83% according to new federal figures. Since getting […]

The Charter Model Goes to Preschool – by Ashley LiBetti Mitchel

A pre-K class at Renaissance Charter School. Over the past 20 years, both charter schools and pre-kindergarten education have taken on increasingly prominent roles in the schooling of America’s children. Charter schools in 43 states now serve more than 2.6 million students—roughly six percent of all students attending public schools. And more than two-thirds of […]

In the News: Candidate Trump Talked Tough on Crime. Does That Signal an End to School Discipline Reform? – by Education Next

Will the way American schools address student discipline change once Donald Trump becomes president? In an article for The 74, Mark Keierleber talks to many observers who expect Trump to reverse the Obama administration’s messaging on school discipline. As Keierleber explains In 2014, the Obama administration released guidelines calling on schools to rethink zero-tolerance policies […]

A Silver Lining for Online Higher Education? – by David Figlio

The recent explosion of computing capacity and speed, coupled with the rapidly-rising cost of higher education, have created a “perfect storm” in which traditional institutions are more keen to offer classes online than ever before and where demand for online higher education is high. Meanwhile, the 2006 decision by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) […]

In the News: Hard Questions as Education Reform Wakes Up to Trump’s America – by Education Next

While education reformers were busy last week writing about what the election of Donald Trump would mean for education policy, Chalkbeat’s Elizabeth Green wrote about what the election results meant for education reformers. She speaks with some education refomers struggling with the question of which children reformers should be focused on helping. Several education leaders […]

Education Policy Under Donald Trump – by Education Next

What will education policy look like under a Trump administration? Education Next editors and contributors offer their thoughts. Podcast: What does Trump’s Victory Mean for Education Policy? Education Next’s Paul E. Peterson and Martin West talk about what education reforms they expect from President-Elect Donald Trump. Will he move on school choice, the Department of […]

Now What? – by Michael J. Petrilli

Like most of you I am in shock and more than a little worried. I can’t pretend to be a neutral policy analyst today; I made my deep concerns known about a Donald Trump presidency, and they haven’t gone away. His thin-skinned temperament, his bullying tendencies, his scapegoating of Mexican-Americans and Muslim-Americans, his support from […]

Trump Happened – by Frederick Hess

Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Like most everyone else, I expected to see a comfortable Clinton win. I thought the big question was whether Republicans might find a way to hold the U.S. Senate. And then Trump happened. Gage Skidmore/flickr Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton, piercing the Democrats’ “blue wall.” The Republicans lost a […]

In the News: Massachusetts Votes Against Expanding Charter Schools, Saying No to Question 2 – by Education Next

In Massachusetts voters rejected a ballot question that would have allowed the state to approve additional charter schools. Jay Greene explained “Why Charters Will Lose in Massachusetts” in a blog entry posted earlier this fall. Earlier this week, Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Brandon Wright explained “How the Massachusetts Charter School Cap Harms Disadvantaged Students.” […]