10 Charming Signs Indicating That a Girl Likes You



Are you being noticed by someone? Do you think a girl likes you? Well, I am sure you are on cloud nine at this point. If your thinking is correct, you will observe the following signs in her behavior.

1. You might just start bumping into her a little more often. Do not be surprised if she starts to regularly visit your regular hang-out place. This is a sign that she wants to be noticed. (Can you believe this, she is actually letting you know).

2. She makes it a point to answer every phone call of yours. She is more than happy when you contact her yourself and does not mind talking to you even at midnight. She makes you feel she has all the time in the world for you and this is when you know the girl likes you.

3. She takes your conversation very seriously; she pays extra attention to everything you say and remembers every word you said. She reminds your favorite color, sport, drink and every little thing you talked about.

4. She could be a different person all together. She would not seem to be relaxed, she may be self conscious about her make-up, her hair-style, her dress, way of sitting etc. She may seem to be worried about something and will not talk too much even if she is a talkative person.

5. Do not be surprised if she asks you the most unimportant questions. She could even look at a book in your hand and say "What book is that?" she is just trying to start a conversation. She will also learn a lot about you from what you read.

6. If you ask her a question, be prepared to listen to a short story. She probably would want you to know more about her, her interests, her likes and dislikes, etc. So do not expect her to answer with just a yes or no to your questions.

7. If you dare to talk about another girl in front of her, especially your ex-girlfriend or your ex-wife, she might get a little jealous. She might even change the topic and start off a new conversation.

8. She might flirt with you and would not mind sitting really close to you. She would expect a brief hug as soon as you meet her and would not mind your hands on her shoulder or her arms. In general, women would not like it if you get too touchy with them. And if she does not mind getting touchy, this clearly means the girl likes you.

9. She might be very curious about your marriage status. She will ask your friends about your past and present relationships. She might check to see if you are wearing a wedding band. This shows she is serious about you.

10. She goes out of her way to make sure you are happy. She tries to keep you happy and cares for your likes and dislikes; she also focuses on your moods and feelings because it all affects her.

If you observe these characteristics in anyone, this is certainly means that the girl likes you. Most men say women are confused and confused and that they do not know how to proceed. All you have to remember is, handle women with genuine caring feelings and you will see the magic work.



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