10 Easy Dollar Store Grand Opening Giveaway Ideas



What an exciting time a dollar store grand opening can be. For the many first time shoppers it is an opportunity to see inside your store for the first time. It is a time for the shoppers themselves to see exactly what treasures your store has to offer. For you, the grand opening event represents the culmination of all the planning and hard work required to work your way through the dollar store start up process. But how can you make your dollar store grand opening event really special to your shoppers? How can you make sure all your hard work, preparation and dollar store start up efforts are not wasted?

One of the easiest ways to add excitement to your dollar store grand opening and to make it memorable to your soon-to-be customers is by offering an assortment of gifts and freebees to all who attend. The following 10 inexpensive ideas are a place to start. Add in your own ideas to make it a special event for all who attend.

1. Promotional Products with your Store Name – Pens, tablets of paper, Frisbees, t-shirts, hats and many other products can be inexpensively branded with your store information.

2. Balloons – Purchase balloons in your primary store color, add a bit of information about your business, and hand them out to all who come inside your store. Just as other promotional products provide a way for visitors to walk away with critical information about your store and where it is located, balloons do exactly the same thing.

3. $ 1 Coins – Off a free $ 1 coin to the first 50 or 100 who come through the doors. You will be amazed at how many use that coin to make their very first purchase from your store.

4. Candy – Everyone loves candy. Whether you offer an assortment of wrapped individual candy pieces or small candy bars, they are sure to be a popular.

5. Pop Corn – Another favorite; even better, it is low cost and easy to provide to those who request a small bag. Sure; there will be some cleanup during and after the event, but the positive impact will make it well-worth the cost and added cleanup.

6. Beverages – Have an assortment of beverages available through the grand opening event. Shoppers will pause for a minute to recharge and then will be on their way to finish their shopping in your store.

7. Pizza – Bring in freshly baked pizza periodically through your grand opening event. Offer a free slice of pizza to all who are present at that time. This is your opportunity to be present and to introduce yourself and to chat with first-time visitors.

8. Promo Items from Vendors – As you work your way through the dollar store start up process you will need to locate vendors and order products. Be sure to ask if any sellers have promotional items available for you to provide to shoppers during your dollar store grand opening event.

9. Store Discount Coupons – Make this offering simple and easy for both you and your shoppers. Possibly offer a basket with store discounts on small pieces of paper. All who are making a purchase can draw for their discount prior to paying. Another option is to provide a standard discount for those 'who come again' after the grand opening is done.

10. Drawing with prizes – There is an endless list of drawing options. For example; you could let everyone who attend fill in their name and contact information and then hold the drawing right at the end of the event. Make sure the grand prize is something which will impress attendees.

Your dollar store grand opening event is the culmination of your hard work to prepare and then execute your dollar store start up. Make the event memorable to your new shoppers by offering a variety of inexpensive, yet memorable giveaway items to all who attend. Each of the ten ideas above can accomplish exactly that – and they can do it without breaking the bank. Best of all, signals the end of your dollar store start up and the transition to an operating dollar store business.



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