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11 Dream Jobs That You Can Work Towards Right Now

by Lily White
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Everyone dreams of having the career they’ve always wanted, it’s just human nature. It’s important to remember that to achieve goals, you’ve got to put the work in. There are a plethora of career options out there, some take years to achieve, and some do not. If you’ve got your heart set on something, go for it, as there will always be someone there to help you reach your dreams. For the majority of careers, most people will have to go to university. If you have got the dedication to reach your goal, you have to be willing to spend years educating yourself about your chosen career. The job you want is within your reach, and with time, dedication and effort, you can do anything you want.

1. Teacher

Perhaps you’d love to be a teacher? Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs that a person can do. What could be better than using your education to then further educate the younger generation? While being a teacher does come with its hardships, it’s a fantastic experience for those who want to see others thrive and help them along their journey in education. To be a teacher, you must have patience. Your students will more than likely disrespect you at times, and you’ll probably have repeat offenders of bad behavior in your classroom. Overall, being a teacher can be an amazing experience, and can teach you how to be resilient and how to persevere through the daily challenges that come with being a teacher.

2. Chef

If cooking is more your style, maybe a chef position is what you’re looking for? While being a chef can be an incredibly stressful job, it’s a career that is highly respected and can be a great conversation starter. People love other people who can cook, and when you’re a chef, that’s even better for brownie points. It is also an amazingly fulfilling career too, due to the opportunities that you can get through being a chef. Some manage to work their way to the top and work in the cream of the crop restaurants. You could even find yourself rubbing elbows with fellow Michelin star chefs and working in Michelin star restaurants while traveling across the globe. The opportunities are endless, and if you have always wanted to move to another country, being a chef can be a great chance for just that.

3. Fashion Designer

Being a fashion designer can come with a bounty of stressful experiences but being able to see your own work worn by someone else can be one of the best feelings ever. Firstly, you need to have the creative skills and the imagination to think up unique and stylish clothing pieces. It’s also a must that you can draw, as you will be drawing up sketches and prototypes of these outfits. If the fashion industry has always captured your attention, you could soon be seeing your work walking down the runway. It can be an incredibly taxing career, but with massive amounts of payoff. Not only do you need to know how to draw, but you also need to be able to actually make the clothing you’re designing. Learning how to use a sewing machine and using a large variety of fabrics is a must when it comes to being a fashion designer, especially for a career. It’s a fantastic job to be able to express your creativity while showcasing your drawing and crafting skills.

4. Nursing

Nursing is one of the most fulfilling careers out there. You work every day to ensure the safety of others, and nurse them back to health. You use your kind words and education to reassure those who need help. There is a wide variety of types of nursing out there, whether you want to directly work in a hospital or visit people in their homes. For a career in nursing, you will have to undergo strict training and go to university. Those who want to be nurses sometimes are not sure where to start, but there are plenty of ABSN programs available to start your journey. You will work as a team with your fellow nursing colleagues and will make lifelong connections and friendships. When a nursing team works in harmony, it truly is a beautiful thing.

5. Pilot

If you love flying and have always had a passion for planes, then being a pilot might just be the career move for you. Being a pilot comes with a lot of responsibility and a lengthy training time. This is understandable of course, seeing as how you will be responsible for the lives of the passengers and your co-workers on the plane. If you’re dedicated to the job and can work flexible hours, such as night shifts and long working hours, then you will love being a pilot. Soar the skies in your plane, the clouds are your office. Pilots get to explore the world and travel to countries that they have never been to before. Those who love traveling will more than likely benefit from a job working directly on planes.

6. Firefighter

If there’s an example of a job that requires an abundance of tough training regimes, then look no further than a firefighter. Being a firefighter can be dangerous and life-threatening, but you can rest assured that you are working to make the world a safer place. You will sometimes be called to minor fires, but the time will come when you will have to work on a large-scale issue. As a firefighter, you have the key responsibility of saving the lives of those inside a burning building. You also need to keep yourself safe, and also your colleagues. Communication is a key part of this career choice, and you have got to be good at making quick decisions when under pressure. Being a firefighter can be stressful, but it is also a fulfilling career. You will bond with your colleagues and will create a strong team. You will all find yourselves in dangerous circumstances and may have to save them if something goes wrong. These connections will last forever, and you are guaranteed to have friends for life.

7. Author

Have you always loved reading? Maybe you have wanted to try writing your own stories? A lot of people are put off being an author by the entire process of trying to get your book published. It’s not actually as hard as people think, if you’ve got the patience and dedication to ensure that people see your work, you will make it. These days, thanks to modern technology, you can even post your books online. While being an author doesn’t start off as a viable career, it can blossom into something beautiful. Writing your own stories allows you to express your creativity and allow others to explore a different world and escape from reality. You will get to see your readers’ reactions to your words and find out what the story meant to them. Like the careers mentioned previously, being an author can be such a fulfilling experience. There is truly nothing holding you back from starting your own story. You could even get a piece of paper, or open your laptop, and just start writing.

8. Sports Coach

If you are more of the active type and love sports, then why not be a coach? The sport you choose depends on what you gel with the most, as all sports coaches need to be good at them and know the ins and outs of the rules. Every sport needs a coach, and every sports team needs a coach. Whether you train a future tennis player or coach a whole football team, you will be responsible for keeping the morale up. If your students are willing to learn and spend hours training, you will have few issues to worry about. Being a sports coach means you will have to be active every working day of the week, which can get tiring. If you’re a healthy individual who already exercises daily, or even goes to the gym, you can really excel at being a sports coach. It is important to remember that you have also got to be passionate about the sport you choose though. If you don’t love the sport you are teaching, your students will be able to tell. Use your passion and adoration for the sport to boost your students. If they see how much you love the sport, they will surely gain the same respect for it too.

9. Archaeologist

Have you always had a passion for history? Being an archaeologist puts you on the frontline of discovering new relics and studying rare artifacts that nobody else has seen before. You get to travel the world, digging and breaking records. It can be a physically taxing job due to having to traverse through dirt and climb out of holes that have been dug. If you love history, archaeology is one of those jobs that will make every working day fun. Your job will be the discovery of new pieces of history and finding supporting evidence for historical theories. Relics that have been found over the years were mostly found by archaeologists. Without them, the world would not know half as much about the past as society does now.

10. Photographer

Similar to being a fashion designer or an author, you can use your creativity for a bounty of careers. One of these careers is a professional photographer.  Whether you work in event photography, wedding photography, or work for a magazine, you will have a range of opportunities available. Being a photographer means you can use your camera skills and eye for perfection to build a career and earn money. Photography is a must these days, most businesses would not be where they are now if it wasn’t for photographers. People hire photographers for a plethora of reasons, whether it’s a personal project or you work for an actual publication. You may also find yourself traveling the world to new destinations to get the perfect shot. Photographers are also needed for journalists too. If they’re writing a news piece, they are going to need the perfect shot to support what they are saying. It’s important to note that you clearly have to have the knowledge of using a camera professionally, but you also need to be able to use photo editing software to touch up the photos you take.

11. Detective

The rise of true crime shows has boosted the passion for detective work among many people. You get to be hands-on with a case and use your know-how to get to the bottom of the issue. It can be a stressful job though, due to the cat and mouse chase and working under pressure. However, you are working while knowing that you are trying to solve an issue and helping give clarity to victims and their loved ones.  It’s vital to remember that it isn’t going to be exactly like the crime shows you see on television. It’s grueling and hard work, and you may have many sleepless nights and long hours in the office department. If you have the patience and determination to be a detective and will put in the time and effort to analyze every little thing about a case, then being an investigator may be the career choice for you.

There is a plethora of job opportunities out there for you and a bounty of ways to work towards getting your dream career. The job you choose depends entirely on what you are solely passionate about, and can see yourself working on every day. A lot of careers take years to work towards, and you need to showcase that you are willing to go through years and months of training and education to reach your goal.  Whether you are dreaming of a career move or you are just getting into the world of work, your dream career is always out there, and nothing is holding you back. Don’t let your doubts and insecurities stop you from making one of the best decisions of your life.


By James Daniels

BIO: James Daniels is a freelance writer, business enthusiast, a bit of a tech buff, and an overall geek. He is also an avid reader, who can while away hours reading and knowing about the latest gadgets and tech, whilst offering views and opinions on these topics.


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