12 Best-Selling Foot Massagers to Treat Your Tired Toes

12 Best-Selling Foot Massagers to Treat Your Tired Toes

by Sue Jones
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Whether it’s from sitting or standing all day, exercising, or simply existing, chances are you have tired feet that need some tender lovin’ (read: the best foot massager money can buy). There are several advantages to choosing a foot massager over the alternatives. Manual foot massages are kind of hard (and gross) to give yourself, and it’s a lot to ask your roommate, partner, or friend to touch your toes on a regular basis. Regular spa visits aren’t exactly easy on the wallet, and changing out your shoe inserts isn’t enough to rejuvenate fatigued feet. By comparison, the best foot massagers can help with by simulating human touch and stimulating blood flow through gentle kneading: Benefits include easing sore muscles, along with relieving foot pain and stress. 

Luckily, there’s a whole world of devices out there that will show your feet the love they deserve. It’s just a matter of finding the best foot massager for you. Most of the electric foot massagers heat up, have multiple massage nodes, and mimic the shiatsu technique, a type of Japanese massage therapy involving the application of deep pressure to different acupressure points. Some options let you rest your feet on top, while others look and feel like shearling booties or have water jets or wooden beads for working out knots. If you have plantar fasciitis, all of these types of stimulation are particularly helpful. You can keep a massager under your desk or use it as self-care after a long day (before you don your cozy house slippers). Below is a selection of top-rated foot massagers for ensuring your feet sweet relief, from top brands including HoMedics, Brookstone, and Renpho.

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