12 Breathable Face Masks That Are Ideal for Hot, Sweaty Days

12 Breathable Face Masks That Are Ideal for Hot, Sweaty Days

by Sue Jones
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As frustrating as it is to wear a restrictive cloth-type thing on your face when it’s muggy out, it’s still crucial to wear face masks (preferably breathable face masks that you’ll want to actually keep on your face) when you’re doing any activity, like running, where social distancing may be difficult. 

As a general rule of thumb, the best face masks are going to securely cover your nose and mouth and involve multiple layers of tightly woven material. There is still some debate about the efficacy of wearing a gaiter or bandana, though recent research suggests that neither is great at preventing the spread of respiratory droplets. While surgical masks and N95s are your best options for filtering out droplets and particulates, experts say it’s better to leave those to the medical professionals and instead find something breathable that doesn’t involve breathing out of the sides of your mask. 

Thankfully, some sportswear brands like Under Armour are issuing their own breathable, moisture-wicking masks catered specifically to runners and athletes, with extra ventilation, making it easier for people exercising to move and sweat without wanting to fling off their masks. Other brands, like Caraa and House of Woo, have created lighter-weight summer styles that feel slightly breezier on sweltering days. Here, some of the best lightweight, breathable face masks to wear when you exercise, or just when the weather feels unbearable. 

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