13 Subscription Boxes That Make Shopping for Activewear So Easy

13 Subscription Boxes That Make Shopping for Activewear So Easy

by Sue Jones
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Cost: $50 per month.

8. Cairn

Good for: Outdoorsy types.

Why it’s worth it: Anyone who’s a hiking or camping enthusiast will appreciate this adventurous subscription box that comes stocked with apparel, snacks, gear, and more from popular brands like Clif, Black Diamond, and Hydro Flask. Complete a profile on your outdoor activity preferences, and Cairn will curate a selection of outdoor-focused items that arrive on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Cost: $35 for a monthly subscription, $384 for an annual subscription, or $240 for a quarterly subscription to Cairn’s premium Obsidian box. 

9. Barbella Box

Good for: The gym regular who craves variety.

Why it’s worth it: Made by women for women, the Barbella Box provides subscribers with new activewear and assorted fitness accoutrements (think snacks, drinkware, and workout equipment) on a monthly basis. Plus, members gain access to Barbella’s private family Facebook group, in which you can swap workout tips with fellow community members.

Cost: $45 per month for an annual plan, $47 per month for a quarterly plan, and $50 per month for a monthly plan.

10. Glyder Box

Good for: Anyone who likes their activewear with a technical edge.

Why it’s worth it: Glyder’s fitness gear stands out for its stretchy, supportive, breathable fabrics that have been consciously designed with athletic performance in mind. The brand’s Mystery Box gives you a chance to test its technical gear for yourself, sending three pieces of workout clothes (a pair of leggings, a top, and a sports bra) for much less than you’d pay if you bought the items separately. You can make a onetime purchase or set a new box to automatically ship every 60 or 90 days.

Cost: $125 per box.

11. HIITBox

Good for: The choosy activewear shopper.

Why it’s worth it: After quizzing you on your fitness preferences and goals, HIITBox’s curator specialists assemble a package of gear, goodies, and services from brands like Adidas, Fitbit, and Mirror to suit your individual responses. If the apparel you receive doesn’t fit, you can exchange it for free. The customizability of this subscription ensures that all the items in your box will turn out to be, well, a hit.

Cost: $59 per month, $54 per month for a three-month subscription, or $51 per month for a six-month subscription.

12. I Am Becoming Hero Club Leggings

Good for: Anyone who really, truly cannot have enough leggings (and loves a motivational phrase).

Why it’s worth it: Every month subscribers receive a new pair of leggings and a new top. For the most part, the former are high-waist and sweat-wicking, while the tops usually come emblazoned with an affirmation and cute graphic to keep you moving and inspired through your workouts. 

Cost: $40 per month.

13. HPE Activewear

Good for: Superfans of athleisure.

Why it’s worth it: Activewear brand HPE offers a couple shopping options to customers, including a onetime box, six-month subscription, or annual subscription. Each women’s box contains a top, a sports bra, and a pair of leggings that subscribers can choose from one of HPE’s curated collections, which include All-Star, Essentials, Street Styles, and Tech. Bonus: HPE provides free size exchanges for all customers, just in case a piece doesn’t quite fit in person.

Cost: $38 per month, plus a $115 sign-up fee, for a yearly subscription to the Tech box. $50 per month, plus a $150 sign-up fee, for a yearly subscription to the All-Star, Essentials, or Street Styles boxes. $210 for a onetime box.

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