13 Types of Students Doing Homework


There’s something so universal about the student experience, that you can find these 13 types of students in every class. Do you recognize yourself in this list?
There’s no doubt that every person is unique in their own way, but walk into every classroom, and you’re bound to find these 13 types of students.

Type of Student #1: The One Who’s an Overachiever
They ask a ton of questions, go deeper into course material than the class requires, type the notes they took by hand, and even… ask for more homework.

Type of Student #2: The Class Clown
Everything is a joke to them. They interrupt the classroom on a regular basis and make it really hard to concentrate in study groups, but they also make you laugh during an otherwise stressful time. They never take themselves or life too seriously.

Type of Student #3: The One Who Can’t Let Go of Their Phone
You can’t get through an entire conversation with them without having them read – and respond – to text messages. In class, the phone never leaves their hand. They take notes with their camera, and mostly, they’re either texting or making funny faces on Snapchat. They think the professors don’t notice, but they’re usually wrong.

Type of Student #4: The One Who Never Stops Partying
You might feel overwhelmed with the amount of school work you need to combine with your almost full time job. You might do your best to enjoy some partying here and there to create some balance in your life, but it’s pretty rare. Yet these students come to class every day with new crazy stories from the parties they attended the previous night. You wonder when they have time to sleep, which leads to our next type of student:

Type of Student #5: The One Who Falls Asleep
No matter how uncomfortable the seats are or how fascinating you think a class is, chances are you have someone in your class who will fall asleep any place, any time. Some of them have the courtesy to fall asleep in the back of the room, but some hit dream land right in front of the professor, in the front row.

Type of Student #6: The One Who Always Daydreams
This type of student doesn’t literally fall asleep in class, but their thoughts often wander so far away, they might as well close their eyes and snooze a little.

Type of Student #7: The One Who’s Involved in Everything
Student board? They’re there. Zumba class? Yes. Building homes for families in need? They’re on it. Organizing rallies and fairs? You bet. Whatever activity your university has to offer, chances are, these students will be there.

Type of Student #8: The One Who Everyone Thinks is Perfect
They get high grades and are smart beyond grades. They’re funny, super nice and look great. They’re involved in social activities, make time to party and read for pleasure, work at a job that actually makes a difference, and have a ton of friends.

Type of Student #9: The One that’s Always Anxious
University years are challenging for many people, but some students find it even more challenging than others. The anxious students worry about everything – from taking perfect notes to what people think to how writing a few sentences differently on an exam could have improved their grade and guaranteed their dream job.

Type of Student #10: The One That’s Really an Artist
They play music between classes every day, design their own clothes or draw beautifully in notebooks and books. Hey, at least the paper doesn’t go to waste, right?

Type of Student #11: The One Who Never Comes Prepared
They always ask to borrow your notes or need you to tell them what the test is going to be about, because they often don’t attend class, pay attention in class or read the course material.

You’d think that one day it’s all going to catch up with them, and for some it will, but others are lucky…

Type of Student #12: The One Who Gets High Grades With Hardly Any Studying
It happens in every classroom. There are some students that either come with previous knowledge or just otherwise find their degree very easy, so they can get high grades with hardly any studying.

Type of Student #13: The One Who Works Hard for Every Grade
Grades don’t come easy for these students, but they set goals for themselves, learn studying skills, adopt efficient studying habits, and work really hard to do well in college and set themselves up for a better life.

Which Type of Student are You?

Do you recognize yourself on this list or did we leave something out? Leave a comment to let us know!

And no matter which type of student you are, remember that your university years are special, so do your best to learn as much as you can, enjoy the ride, and make sure you come out the other side closer to the goals you set for yourself, whether it’s to make new friends or start a new career.

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