14 Best-Selling Under-the-Desk Exercisers to Keep You Moving at Home

14 Best-Selling Under-the-Desk Exercisers to Keep You Moving at Home

by Sue Jones
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Lots of us are looking for at-home fitness solutions and setting up home gyms. But you might not have considered an under-desk treadmill or exerciser, which you can use at home or in the office while you work: a little bike tucked away under a kitchen table—or even, say, a mini elliptical or foldable treadmill that you can pull out from under the couch.

The perks of using a small exercise machine while you work are many. They’re easy to use, with low resistance levels for even the laziest among us. They’re helpful for keeping energy levels up and sharpening your focus during the day. They’re also sort of fun to have while you’re brainstorming or plugging away on an Excel spreadsheet—a way of breaking up the monotony of your day with light cardio.

If you’re hunting for an under-desk treadmill of your own, we checked out Amazon, Target, and a few other places to find the best under-desk treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals, according to lots of passionate reviewers. If you’re feeling cooped up these days or just want to up your activity throughout the workday, we hope that some of these speak to you. 

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