19 Gifts for Your Friend Who Can Actually Keep Plants Alive


Plant lovers are very special people: Not only do they have a knack for caring for living things, but they also understand the tranquility and satisfaction being a plant parent brings. Even if you’re not able to grow plants from seedlings to full-blown adults, watching one thrive at any age can be equally rewarding. When plant parents love, they love hard, which is why it’s so important for them to have the right essentials (aside from water and sunlight) at their disposal to help their “children” grow as strong and beautifully as possible.

From handheld water misters to hanging planters, there are plenty of thoughtful and stylish plant gifts available to help your favorite person with a green thumb show off their collection. And if a friend or family member already has a few items that make pruning, watering, and admiring their greenery easier, consider surprising them with something plant-inspired instead, like a charming necklace or decorative bookends. Here, we’ve pulled together some excellent plant gifts, from popular brands like The Sill and Urbanstems, that might make the enthusiast in your life seriously consider investing in a greenhouse.

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