20 Summer Squash Recipes You Can Eat All Day Long

20 Summer Squash Recipes You Can Eat All Day Long

by Sue Jones
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Looking for some summer squash recipes to use up all the gorgeous gourds on your hands? Maybe your pandemic garden has really taken off (finally). Maybe you got a little overzealous at the farmers market and scooped up more squash than you know what to do with. Either way, summer squashes are everywhere right now—and there are so many ways to make the most of the season’s abundance.

Both zucchini and yellow squash—the two most common types of summer squash, which can be used pretty interchangeably—have a mild flavor and tender texture that makes them amazing at taking on whatever flavors you hit them with. We’re talking hot-off-the-grill smokiness, spicy curries, well-seasoned tacos, zesty noodle bowls, you name it.

And if you want them to kinda just hang out in the background, summer squashes are happy to do that too. You can fold them into almost anything—eggs, meatballs, muffins—and they’ll add a little bit of extra color, bulk, and nutrition (hello, fiber and vitamin C) without demanding too much of your attention. Basically, there are endless ways to eat up these gold and green beauties without getting bored.

So, yeah, it’s always a good move to load up on these green and yellow all-stars. When you’ve got zucchini and summer squash recipes like these at the ready for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, you’ll be totally glad you did. 

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