2018-03-12 Q& A

March 12, 2018 We started our business last year (2017), I would like to know if we can deduct all the business start up expenses this year; would also like to know, if our business did not make any money last year, how do we file taxes? or do we at all?; Are there any specific forms for business minutes or can it be in list form as a list of actions or information happening at specific days?; I’m trying to file taxes first time since I started my LLC. Where is the operating agreement or written articles of incorporation, anything stating percentage or ownership? Is that in my minute book? I’m not sure where it is; If I use personal checking account or credit card for business work, can I write a business account check to pay for those expenses and pay myself back? What paper work should I keep?; in the minutes of the first meeting, do we put a seal on the last page? also, should we make a copy to use for other annual meetings?; filing tax returns for 2017 / 2018 / 2019; CA partnership filing partnership; determining capital contribution; SBA programs; certificates; when to hold an initial meeting; why to open a bank account; using LLC for rentals; annual meeting minutes; using the IRS confirmation letter; closing business / foreign registration; updating addresses;

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