21 Remote Control Vibrators You Can Use Near or Far


Sex toys are always welcome additions to the bedroom, but sometimes they’re not the easiest to control in the moment, which is where the best remote control vibrators come in. No more fumbling with buttons, flipping through vibration patterns and speeds, without being able to see what you’re doing (when you’re really just trying to focus and stay in the mood). 

Remote-controlled vibrators have been on the market for a long time, but the technology just keeps getting better. Now many toys are Bluetooth-enabled, with Wi-Fi connectivity, and can be controlled remotely through an app on your phone no matter what time zone and location you and your partner find yourselves—making remote control toys a game changer for long-distance sex.

Others still can be used within a short range of a separate wireless remote, and even worn in your underwear, so they can add an element of intrigue to sex with your partner who’s the next room. Even for people living their best single life and just looking to ramp up solo play, remote control toys can make masturbation easier. Want to change the vibration speed? All you need is a simple tap on your phone screen or smart watch to dial up the intensity. 

Intrigued? Below, we’ve gathered 21 of the best remote control vibrators and sex toys available, according to experts.

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