27 Best Laundry Detergents and Products to Fight Stink and Stains

27 Best Laundry Detergents and Products to Fight Stink and Stains

by Sue Jones
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If you’re anything like us, laundry day is the most daunting, dreaded part of the week. Having the best laundry detergent and foolproof wash products on hand is key to making it less of a chore—even if you have to shlep everything to the laundromat. Perhaps you’ve been using the same detergent for years, decades even, and it just isn’t as effective as you’d like, or you’re looking to try products from brands that claim to be eco-conscious and kinder to sensitive skin. Or maybe you just want to buy a bottle of luxurious, expensive, divinely-scented detergent just because! No matter your reasoning, stocking up your laundry room with effective, researched detergents, soaps, and products is never a bad idea.

Here, we’ve found the best laundry detergent for any kind of wash, plus other noteworthy products and solutions for removing stains and wrinkles, washing whites, and avoiding static. Once you make the upgrades, dare we say laundry day might be kind of…fun?

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