27 Creatives Wedding Gift Ideas for When You Want to Go Off-Registry


Despite the complexities of the current pandemic, couples are celebrating their love with a number of small scale, intimate weddings across the country. Some are opting to stream theirs on Zoom, or even skip their proposed ceremony altogether (for now, at least) and head straight to a justice of the peace to get hitched. No matter which way they decide to officially tie the knot this year, a new union of love deserves the accompaniment of thoughtful gifts the couple will enjoy using in their home.

While a toaster oven or air-fryer may be on their wedding registry, there are ways to thoughtfully go off-registry with some less obvious wedding gift ideas that the couple will still use and enjoy. Here, we’ve pulled together a few off-the-beaten-path picks that newlyweds would be delighted to receive, at a range of price points. From a bidet to stylish coffee-table books, these wedding gift ideas could be the things your friend or family member never knew they needed. We’ve included plenty of options under $100, since you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a thoughtful gift.

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