33 Home, Beauty, and Fashion Brands That Keep Sustainability in Mind


The word sustainable gets tossed around a lot these days when it comes to a company’s values. Depending on the business in question, this kind of term can mean a number of things. In general brands use the word to signal that they’re trying to minimize potential environmental harm in their manufacturing and distribution processes. Those efforts can include mindfulness about water usage and waste emissions, along with the use of recycled materials like plastic bottles and TENCEL (modal fibers sourced natural raw material wood) to create garments and product packaging.

In honor of Earth Week we’ve rounded up a few brands—from bedding favorites like Buffy and Avocado Mattress to buzzy apparel companies like Marine Layer and Girlfriend Collective—that have made public pledges to sustainability efforts in various ways. Many of the brands listed below are even certified B Corp brands, which means that their business has made a commitment to meeting the highest standards of positive environmental and social impact, and has also committed to remaining transparent and accountable on their business model. Investing in brands that aim to have an earth-friendly agenda is a small way to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle while stocking up some much-needed essentials in the process. Here, 33 brands that are committed to bringing about positive change for Mother Earth and its resources this Earth Week and every day.

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