37 Cute and Clever Products We Love This Earth Day

37 Cute and Clever Products We Love This Earth Day

by Sue Jones
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Earth Day is always a good reminder to think about the ways that you could be reducing waste. Some of the best things you can do for the planet as a consumer is to buy less overall, reuse what you have, and opt for buying used goods that prevent secondhand items from going toward a landfill. 

But another way to be a mindful shopper is to buy products from brands that are trying to be kinder to the earth and support businesses that aim to use sustainable practices. For Earth Week, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite products that are from a bunch of brands we love that are trying to be more sustainable. All of these products are either sourced from recycled materials to begin with, cut down on water and energy usage in their production process, or are designed to help you reduce environmental waste in the long run. And although we ultimately need broader systemic changes in order to really take care of our environment, shopping in a way that aligns with your values can help you live more sustainably in your day-to-day life—which is always a good thing.

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