4 Outdoors Activities To Enjoy In New Jersey In The Summer



New Jersey attracts around 101 million visitors every year, and even during challenging times in history, it continues to appeal and to merit a planned visit in the future. Famed as much for its amazing gastronomic offerings as for its beautiful beaches and diverse culture,  NJ is a great place to visit during the sunniest seasons of the year. Although many places are currently closed owing to the health crisis, you can put these outdoor spots on your bucket list and tick them off as soon as travel is safe and recommended.


Water Park Action

In the heat of the summer, few things appeal like hitting a place that is wet and wild, and  NJ has over 20 aquatic parks to choose from (both indoor and outdoor). CoCo Key Water Resort is a great choice for families with little kids since it is an indoor center that is a little smaller than traditional water parks – so it’s easier to keep an eye on children. For a fun experience right by a large white sand beach, it’s got to be Tomahawk Lake Water Park, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary. Another cool spot is Mountain Creek Waterpark, which features serious rides for thrillseekers. Build your courage up for the 23-foot jump off Canyon Cliffs into a cool natural pool that will refresh body, mind and soul.


Whale Watching From Cape May

One of the best things about the summer is the thought of getting on a boat, feeling the salty wind in your face, and getting up close to stunning marine life. If you have always wanted to see dolphins doing graceful acrobatics in the air or whales jumping out from beneath the sea surface, then take a guided cruise with professionals who will happily take you to the center of all the action: Delaware Bay, but also cruise along the pretty Cape May coastline. Park your car at Miss Chris Marina in Cape May, and start your three-hour cruise.


A Visit To The Jersey Shore Alpacas

Despite their reputation for being ill-mannered, alpacas can be incredibly sweet – if you are introduced to the right ones. Visit and interact with these furry creatures at Jersey Shore Alpacas on Cape May. If you’re lucky, you can be with around 12 alpacas at once, caressing their lovely soft fur, and befriend them. On this day, you will learn a lot about the animals’ daily habits and what they need to stay healthy. After this, you can go shopping for ultra soft socks, scarves and more items made from lush alpaca wool.


Walking Along The Columbia Trail

Great food, meaningful historical sites and adventure activities are the type of experiences that cannot be missed when visiting a new place, but it is also important to take in the majestic beauty of at least one natural spot. The Columbia Trail is a great trail for those after a gentle walk, and it can be completed by kids as well as adults. The walk covers around seven miles, and the scenery is constantly changing, so you can expect to see a plethora of trees; animals like deer, chipmunks and birds; and sparkling river waters. The trail can be completed on a bike or on foot, and just two blocks from the trail on the park side of Main Street, you will find a great pizza place called Carrini’s – where you can enjoy traditional pizza made by an Italian family.


New Jersey has a host of wonderful historical sites, but if you’re visiting in the spring or summer, it is a good idea to make the most of the good weather. Enjoy a sun-kissed adventure at a water park or take a dolphin and whale cruise. If furry creatures set your heart aflutter, visit and feed the friendly alpacas at Jersey Shore Alpacas. Finally, make your way to the Columbia Trail or another of NJ’s many beautiful trails, parks and green areas.

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