6 Uses of Natural Gas at Home


For the consumer who gets sticker shock when opening the electricity bill, there’s good news. Natural gas is a premier fuel that’s not only cost-effective, but it’s also versatile. What can you do with natural gas at home?

Good News for the Environment
Today’s consumer is aware of the impact that energy consumption has on the environment. Not surprisingly, Calgary already offers renewable electricity plans that are supported by certificates of renewable energy. That said, natural gas is indeed a fossil fuel. However, when used for energy production, it emits less carbon dioxide than coal or oil.

Six Uses of Natural Gas at Home
Homeowners look to natural gas as an alternative to electricity. Sure, today’s consumer might have chosen an excellent Calgary electricity plan, but there’s so much that natural gas can now accomplish. Here are six things you might not have thought of.

  1. Natural gas fireplaces. Heat your living room or any other room with a natural gas fireplace. You control the burner and can add attractive gas logs that look just like the real thing. However, you get the warmth and soft glow without the mess that a wood-burning fireplace creates.
  2. Stoves and ovens. It’s an open secret that cooks in the know prefer natural gas appliances to electric stoves. For starters, it’s a lot easier to control the temperature of each food that you’re cooking. Besides that, you no longer need the heat-generating pilot light when you have a stove with electric ignition.
  3. Clothes dryer. Doing laundry gets expensive when you have an electric dryer. In contrast, a natural gas appliance is cheaper to operate. Most importantly, the dry air that goes through the drum tends to dry the clothes a lot quicker. This is true even when you run a big load of towels.
  4. Water heater. A natural gas water heater generates hot water faster than an electric model. Besides that, it does so at a fraction of the cost. Venting is easy, particularly when you install the model outside your home.
  5. Air conditioners. They’re not as easy to locate as their electric counterparts, but there are air conditioners that run on natural gas. These appliances aren’t cheap. However, more and more consumers like the understanding that they’ll have a cool home even if the grid goes down. Most importantly, the low cost of natural gas lets you see the savings in the long run.
  6. Barbecue grills. Although not technically an indoor appliance, the barbecue grill is a staple on patios and balconies. Cooking out is fun and quickly becomes a social occasion. Most importantly, it enables you to try some new meals that you might not feel comfortable making inside. Although purists suggest that charcoal grills are the ways to go, the clean-burning power of natural gas makes these grills far easier to use without the mess of building a fire and tending to the even distribution of the heat.

Taking a Closer Look at Natural Gas Appliances
Right now, you have the opportunity to sign up for stable electricity rates for up to five years. There are different plans that suit any budget. Similarly, you might select a fixed-rate natural gas plan.

When you are ready to save money and run appliances that rely on cleaner energy, you use natural gas at home. This means that you’re doing your part. We offer attractive electricity plans as well as natural gas and electricity bundles that suit any wallet. See what our competitive plans provide.

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