How does FromSoftware’s latest run on Valve’s new portable PC? Take a look for yourself!

Jean-Luc Seipke

Elden Ring and Steam Deck share a launch date, so of course we had to know how the game looks and runs on the system. We set the game to medium graphic settings and get a solid performance outside of the occasional frame hitching, although that issue seems to be PC wide and not Steam deck Specific.

If you want to know more about the Steam Deck, check out our full review from Alessandro Barbosa who said, “The Steam Deck is a wonderfully constructed and powerful portable PC that can, in the right hands, be a lot more than what Valve envisions with SteamOS, given your patience to work with Linux or replace it entirely.”

If you want to know more about Elden Ring, check out Tamoor Hussain’s review in progress. He gave it a 10/10 saying, “From Software’s latest is a masterpiece of open-world design that places exploration and player agency at the heart of the experience.”