9 Medical Alert Bracelets (and Jewelry) that Are Actually Cute


When I was diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy, I realized I needed to invest in a medical alert bracelet. Medical identification tags are stamped with specific symbols that alert emergency responders that you have a condition (like diabetes, a heart condition, an allergy, etc.) that requires attention, in case you’re unable to speak for yourself. Paramedics know to look out for these IDs, usually worn on your body, and the tags can contain as little or as much info as you need (i.e., diagnosis, emergency contacts, directions). Much like a wedding ring, you should theoretically wear a piece of medical jewelry every day, as you never know when a situation like a seizure will arise. Unlike a wedding ring, however, as I quickly found out, the available options for medical jewelry are pretty unattractive. There are a plethora of clunky military-style tags and bracelets on the market that remind me of Swiss Army knives.

Now, durability and visibility are important, especially if you have a serious, life-threatening condition. But if I’m stuck wearing anything indefinitely, I shouldn’t have to compromise on looks. Luckily, thanks largely to thoughtful artisans on Etsy, I now own three medical alert bracelets (a cute chain for everyday, a brass cuff for fancier events, and a silicone band for outdoor use). I frequently receive compliments on them and adore that they don’t scream, Hello, I am a medical bracelet, while still conveying my diagnosis, name, and emergency contact info.

Below, a range of options for engravable jewelry that are stylish and keep you safe.

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