A Guide to Online Business Promotion


Traditionally businesses have promoted themselves in a variety of ways. We'll discuss some of these traditional approaches and explore the importance of online business promotion.

Until recently it used to be that if a business wanted to increase exposure and awareness, it would resort to a variety of marketing techniques. This could include the following:

1. Print advertising in newspapers, magazines, etc. Many companies seek to increase their exposure and awareness by placing ads of their products, services and company itself in different kinds of print media. A perfect example of this is an ad for new cars placed in a local newspaper. Readers would see the ad and if they were interested in the cars, they might visit the dealership. Or an appliance store could run an ad in the newspaper concerning a special upcoming sale on refrigerators. They would hope that people who were interested in the refrigerators would decide to visit the store and take advantage of the sale.

2. Direct Mail. Companies have produced postcards or other advertisements and processed directly homes and businesses of target potential customers. This is an expensive strategy which it can be very effective if done properly.

3. Radio and TV. Businesses have created commercials and aired them on radio and TV stations. This can get expensive but businesses spend millions of dollars to do so. Since these forms of communication can reach so many people, it can be a popular way to promote a business to a very broad audience.

4. Trade shows and exposures. Businesses may decide to promote their products and capabilities but sponsoring a booth and manning it with trained personnel. Visitors to this show or expo can visit the company booth and learn more about the business in this manner.

There are many other traditional forms of advertising and promotion which businesses have used over the years. Many of them have been very effective and done much to build the size and importance of a company. However there have been some recent changes in the way in which companies promote themselves.

The most important change evolves business promotion through the Internet. This online business promotion poses significant opportunities for both large and small companies to reach a large worldwide audience in a unique and effective manner.

More and more people worldwide are using the Internet for a wide variety of purposes. But by and large they are using the Internet to get information. Businesses can use online promotion to make information on their products, services and the company itself available to this worldwide audience.

If done correctly and effectively, online business promotion can allow a company to communicate its message to a huge audience at little to no cost. Companies can stay in touch with their customers and develop new markets quickly and efficiently.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that now small companies have a similar opportunity to reach a huge audience for little to no money. This puts them on an even keel with companies who otherwise had to spend significant sums of money to reach the same audience.

There are many ways to implement effective online business promotion. These techniques can be found throughout the Internet itself or by using specialized marketing personnel who understand these online strategies.


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