Ackles Open To A “Supernatural” Return


Supernatural 100 Hit By Filming Issues

After fifteen seasons and 320 episodes, “Supernatural” is nearly over with the last episode completing filming last week ahead of a November airing.

With it done, its two stars are moving on. Jared Padalecki is staying with The CW to headline their “Walker, Texas Ranger” reboot along with his wife Genevive Padalecki who will play his onscreen wife.

Jensen Ackles meanwhile is going to be playing a broken and cowardly Captain America surrogate in the third season of Amazon’s “The Boys” series. Ackles recently made an appearance on the Inside Of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum and was asked if he could imagine ever reprising his role.

Ackles revealed not only could he imagine it, he expects it will happen in a few years:

“Oh, oh yeah, The ship has already sailed with this being the last season of Supernatural. Jared already has another show lined up. I got a few stokers in the fire…we’re gonna knock this out, we’re gonna do it justice.

I’ve always thought that there was a possibility of you know five years down the road getting a call and saying, Hey! Let’s do a lil short order action for a streaming network and bring them back for six episodes. I do feel like this isn’t the long goodbye, right now. I feel like this is a…let’s hang this in the closet for now, and we’ll dust her off down the road a bit.”

The network would certainly be open to the idea, those in charge were happy to have let the series continue but both the actors and producers are the ones who chose to wrap things up. The final seven episodes of the show begin airing on October 8th, with the finale set for November 19th.

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