Adorable Golden Retriever has huge Instagram following due to his unusual markings

Adorable Golden Retriever has huge Instagram following due to his unusual markings

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An adorable Golden Retriever with unusual black markings is quite the Instagram sensation.

The pooch called Enzo Viola – who currently lives in Texas – was born with a rare genetic mutation which has left him with a very distinctive black patch across the side of his face.

Enzo’s appearance has attracted quite the following and his owners, the Castro family, have set up an Instagram account which updates fans on his daily life.

The account has racked up more than 187,000 followers, with many frequently complimenting the canine’s birthmark.

Enzo’s owner Eli Castro says the reaction to the account has been amazing and the family love receiving messages from humans who also have birth marks.

Eli tells ‘So many people find joy in his account. Our favorite messages are from people with their own birthmarks who see a little of themselves in Enzo and understand how beautiful and special it is to have a little extra splotch.’

Cute snaps on the Instagram page show Enzo getting up to all sorts, from chomping on a stick to snuggling up at the family home.

Eli says: ‘Enzo is super friendly. He gets along with absolutely everyone and every pup. He absolutely loves it when anyone throws a tennis ball. He’s great at the catch part and sometimes a little slow on the return. 

‘He loves snuggles. He isn’t afraid of anything – thunder and fireworks are fine – but he sometimes needs some extra belly rubs before bedtime.’

While the pictures show Enzo looking pretty angelic, Eli adds that he can be a little naughty from time to time.

Eli says: ‘He is a bit of a thief, and if we ever leave the back door open there’s a pretty good chance he’ll have stolen someone’s sock and will be snuggling it outside. His second favorite game, after fetch, is keep away, with said sock.’

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