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AdWords Tools Examined – The AdTool- – The right Keyword Research & Pay per click Tool?

If you are associated with keyword research and the generation of Google AdWords Campaigns, to build web page visitors, then you might well be interested about which PPC Tools can be of help. Certainly you will find plenty from which to choose but how can you determine those that might be appropriate for your needs? Well we thought we would help our fellow web marketers by critiquing several of these popular tools. Hence we are getting started with The AdTool-. In this article we give you a quick idea of our evaluation of this tool.

Some Attributes of The AdTool-

– Keyword Research Databases; Keyword Discovery, Google Sandbox, WordTracker – With Source Data Nationalization Segregation (e.g. US, Australia, UK)

– Keyword Combiner – Combines Keyword phrases From Up To 3 lists

– Phrase Jumbler – Provides you with All Permutations Of A Keyword Phrase

– Geography Tool – Adds States, Provinces, Metro Areas, Just before or Just after Keyword phrases

– Find & Replace Tool – Helps you to Swap Unwelcome Keywords & Append Synonyms

– Variations – Modify Your Keywords, By Adding Plurals, Capital Letters, Spaces & More

– Keyword Match Types – Easily Generate Exact Phrase Match Versions & Exclude Negatives

– *Peel & Stick – Make Precise AdGroups By Keyword Phrase or Keyword Subject

– Export Keywords – To Excel, Email or Plain Text

– Help – Access “How To” Videos, Knowledgebase, eSupport Center


– Save A lot of Of Typing

– Get Large Keyword Lists

– Generate Good quality Traffic

– At More affordable Bid Prices

Our Ratings

– Features = 5*

– Ease Of Use = 4*

– Value For Money = 5*

Summary & Conclusion

We believe The AdTool-is an extremely useful keyword research device for use with Google AdWords.

We especially liked:

– The Keyword Combiner – Which helps you put together keywords from up to three lists.

– The Keyword Phrase Jumbler – To make all permutations of multiple keyword phrases.

– The Peel & Stick Function – Which enables you to refine keyword lists into focused AdWords groups.

Our suggestion is that it is clearly among those AdWords Tools that you should be using.

We aren’t alone in commenting positively about The AdTool-…

**Perry Marshall said “If you don’t immediately see the value of The AdTool-, I guarantee you’re overpaying for AdWords Clicks by atleast 30%.” At the time of writing review you can even try The AdTool- for 21 days for only USD $3.95. So you can decide on your own for a small outlay. The AdTool- is available for purchase online. Simply Google The AdTool Review.

**Perry Marshall, author, “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords”



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