After Multiple Miscarriages, Whitney Port Shared an Anxious Update On Her Current Pregnancy

After Multiple Miscarriages, Whitney Port Shared an Anxious Update On Her Current Pregnancy

by Sue Jones
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Whitney Port is currently expecting a second child—and feeling very anxious about the possibility of losing another pregnancy given her history of miscarriages. The Hills alum shared details about the ups and downs of her uncertain first trimester in a YouTube video this week, alongside her husband Tim Rosenman. Ultimately, she ended the update with optimistic news—and a reassuring message to those going through similar experiences.

In the first part of the video, which the couple began filming last week, Port tearfully announced that she was pregnant and recently had a disheartening doctor’s appointment. “I’m currently seven weeks pregnant, which is supposed to be obviously really exciting. And it has been—up until yesterday,” Port said. “I have been going to the doctor and monitoring it because of my history with miscarriages…and everything was looking good up until yesterday.”

Port said her doctor was concerned by what he saw on the ultrasound. “Whatever was happening in there was not where it was supposed to be, given the week that I’m at. He said that he was pessimistic about this pregnancy, and he told me to get blood drawn,” she said. Port said she was getting her blood test results back later that day to see if the hormone levels that indicate pregnancy were falling, as her doctor predicted, and scheduled to get another ultrasound the next week. Ultimately, Port said, “This is likely another unhealthy pregnancy.” 

She also spoke about the “very complicated” mix of emotions she was going through. On one hand, Port said, she feels “extremely grateful” that she and her husband have each other and their four-year-old son Sonny, and that “everything else is really wonderful” in their life. “But I definitely feel just scared for myself and my confidence and my self-worth and what this means for that,” Port went on, “and also for not being able to give this family what I think would be the best for it.” 

Physically, Port said that despite the ultrasound results, she still feels “very, very pregnant” and is experiencing pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts, increased hunger, and body aches. “But I obviously don’t know what’s going on inside my body,” she said. “Probably by this time next week, when this airs, we’ll have some answers.”

Indeed, the video continues with a more recent update, sharing a piece of surprisingly good news that the couple got between filming the first segment last week and publishing the video this week. “We went today to the doctor, and the doctor actually saw an embryo and a heartbeat, which is something we were not expecting,” Port excitedly revealed in the follow-up segment. “I mean, I was living life this weekend as though today, he was probably going to tell us it was over.” 

Port, who is going in for another ultrasound next week, was careful to note that the health of her pregnancy was still precarious at this point. “It is still very much touch and go,” she said. “During the first trimester, anything can happen.” 

Port and Rosenman also touched on their decision to be so open about their early pregnancy trials. Many people choose not to announce a pregnancy until after they get through the first trimester, at which point the risk of miscarrying decreases significantly—a choice that is absolutely right for some individuals but may be made out of shame and stigma for others. 

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