Air Purifier For Classrooms – 5 Essential Features



Fresh air in the classroom can really enhance learning. And using an air purifier that can eliminate airborne particles, gases, odors, and chemicals could well be one of the best teaching aids you can have. Here are 5 features that will help insure that you choose the best cleaner available.

Here are 5 features that are really important to have in an air purifier for your students. Anything less than this is just that—not as good.

Flexible Placement—Depending on the size of the space you’ve been given to teach in, being able to tuck the purifier away in a corner or put it up high on a shelf, or under even under a shelf.

A unit that can be this flexible should be able to pull air in from every side. And as a result the unit will only need about 6 inches of clearance in order to provide 360 degree intake of the air in your space.

Because a purifier with this feature does not to be placed in the center of the room to work effectively it offers several huge advantages. Its ability to work well anywhere can prevent you and your students from tripping over the cord, and can allow you to keep your students as the focal point in your room rather than the cleaner.

Safe By-Products—One of the most important things about an air cleaner that is to be used with anyone, but especially with children, is to know that the only by-product it produces is fresh clean air.

There is still a great deal of debate about cleaners that produce ozone and ionized particles. Why introduce anything into your classroom that experts cannot agree is completely safe? There is no reason to do that ever, and HEPA filtration has a track record of being safe as well as effective.

HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filtration is the type that hospitals use to insure clean air. By definition this type of filter must be able to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 particles that are.3 microns or larger in size.

It produces the by-product that the whole filtration process is about—fresh air only.. And that’s what this is really all about anyway isn’t it??

Rugged Construction—Learning for children any age can be active and intense. A unit that can be easily damaged will not have a long life in the usual classroom.

Instead opt for a cleaner that is literally made of steel. It can withstand most normal classroom activities without any interruption in its operation.

24 Hour Cleaning—Being able to send air into your room continuously is a huge advantage to have in a unit. Many times the filtration, heat, and air conditioning are cut back to minimum levels when the building is empty.

And while this cuts costs, it can also contribute to a serious drop in air quality which means you often open your door to a room where the air is less than inviting.

And even though you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem, it usually takes a while for the cleaner to clear away pollutants and restore air quality to a healthy level.

Multiple Filters—One filter just can’t do an adequate job of taking out multiple types of pollutants. And even if it could, it would mean frequent maintenance, and who wants to spend spare time washing, cleaning, drying, or spraying a filter?

Opt for a cleaner that has multiple filters in a canister. There are several advantages that will result from this. Multiple filters that are sized to eliminate only a certain range of particle sizes will allow each filter to do its part and result in longer filter life.



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