AirTags: Apple’s worst-kept secret is finally here

AirTags: Apple’s worst-kept secret is finally here

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In brief: AirTags are Apple’s entry into the tracking fob market. These small circular devices tap into Apple’s recently expanded Find My network. Similar to Tile, just slip these in a pocket or attach to a keychain, and you can locate it using your iPhone.

The Cupertino tech giant has finally unveiled its AirTag accessory during their Spring Loaded event. AirTags use an end-to-end encrypted signal to ping nearby devices that are on the Find My network, including non-Apple accessories.

Users can then use the Find My app on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac to locate the fob and whatever is attached to it.

AirTags are made of polished stainless steel and are rated IP67 for water and dust resistance. The fob has a removable cover for replacing the battery when needed. Setting one up is a cinch and works just like syncing AirPods. Simply bring it close to your iPhone and it automatically detects and connects. Then assign it to an item and give it a name like Backpack in the Find My app and you’re good to go.

“[The U1 chip’s] advanced technology can more accurately determine the distance and direction to a lost AirTag when it is in range. As a user moves, Precision Finding fuses input from the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope, and then will guide them to AirTag using a combination of sound, haptics, and visual feedback.”

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In addition to pinpointing the location on a map, Find My has a wayfinder that points in the direction and shows the distance to a lost AirTag. Users can also command it to play a sound, just like other devices that use the network. If you have ever lost your keys in the couch cushions, you can appreciate the utility of tracking fobs like the AirTag.

Customers can buy Apple AirTags individually for $29 or in a four-pack for $99, with availability starting April 30. Purchases also include free engraving, so customers can personalize their trackers. There are also a variety of accessories, like luggage tags and keychains, which are sold separately.

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