Alan Wake Remastered Patch Introduces Audio Bug On PlayStation

Alan Wake Remastered Patch Introduces Audio Bug On PlayStation

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The latest patch for Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake Remastered has introduced a new audio bug on PlayStation versions of the game.

The patch, which itself aimed to fix some other audio sync issues among other problems, released across all platforms this week. The issue seems to affect PlayStation versions of the game that are configured to use compressed or surround sound audio codecs. Thomas Puha, communications director at Remedy Entertainment, provided some temporary workarounds on Twitter.


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Using headphones with the PlayStation controller or forcing the game to output uncompressed stereo PCM seems to resolve the bug, at least until Remedy can put out a more permanent fix. There’s no indication that this issue exists on Xbox or PC.

We are aware there is an unfortunate audio bug introduced in the latest update on PlayStation platforms. The workaround to avoid this bug is to either use a headset connected to the controller, or set the audio settings to 2ch LPCM.

— Thomas Puha (@RiotRMD) January 6, 2022

Remedy Entertainment did round off 2021 with the long-awaited announcement of Alan Wake 2, with the sequel now in development. The studio is also launching story content for multiplayer shooter Crossfire X early this year, while continuing to work on a range of other projects, including a multiplayer game set in the universe of its latest game, Control.

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