All Chrono Cross Endings And How To Unlock Them


There are nearly a dozen Chrono Cross endings you can unlock, ranging from the sinister, sentimental, and nearly everything in between. You can only access a couple of them your first time through, and getting the others takes a fair bit of planning. If you’re playing the Radical Dreamers edition, though, you’ll need to get them all if you want the platinum trophy.

How many endings does Chrono Cross have?

Chrono Cross has at least 11 endings, though you can only access most of them during New Game+. After you’ve cleared the game once, you get the option to battle the Time Devourer, the final boss, whenever you want, and winning the battle at certain points in the story triggers new, non-canonical endings–one of which is technically just a joke ending where you chat with NPC versions of the game’s developers.


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How to get Chrono Cross’ true ending

The true ending takes a bit of work and involves the Chrono Cross item itself. You’ll need to use it in the battle against the Time Devourer, but only after casting an Element of each type in a certain pattern. It’s a good idea to equip low-level elements to shorten the casting time and avoid any interruptions. The order you need to follow is:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White

Use the Chrono Cross after that to instantly defeat the Time Devourer. If you get interrupted, you’ll have to start the process over, though.

This ending sees Serge return to the point before he arrived in Another World, but without his memories, and ends with Kid vowing she’ll find him no matter what.

What is Chrono Cross’ bad ending?

The bad ending triggers if you defeat the Time Devourer without using the Chrono Cross, though only if it’s when the fight is scripted to take place. The ending doesn’t seem to trigger if you defeat it without the Chrono Cross in New Game+ during another sequence. In this ending, Serge bonds with the Time Devourer, though Kid is still shown searching for him in the modern world.

Chrono Cross additional endings

These are the other endings you can aim for after beating the game the first time.

General Kid

Defeat the Time Devourer before visiting Viper Manor, and after changing dimensions, and Kid takes over Lynx’s position, becoming a world-renowned military leader.

Magical Dreamers

If you have Nikki and Razzly in your party and defeat the Time Devourer without going to Fort Dragonia, this is the ending you’ll get, though “ending” is maybe stretching things a bit. Leena and Lisa attend a concert that Serge, Nikki, Razzly, and Kid perform at, and that’s pretty much it.

Pride and Honor

Defeat the Time Devourer after rescuing Riddel the first time, but before going back to Hermit’s Hideaway. In this ending, Serge is still in Lynx’s body, the dragoons assemble to join Lynx’s efforts, and the scene ends with Kid and Harle going off to battle.

A True Hero and A True Hero alternate ending

This one has two variations. The first triggers if you defeat the Time Devourer while Serge is still poisoned after Viper Manor, and the second if you beat the final boss after Kid is cured, but before visiting Fort Dragonia. Both endings are similar and follow Kid, Serge, Pierre, and a few others as they take on different roles after the final battle.

Serge’s Plan

Serge’s Plan triggers if you beat the game while Lynx and Serge are still swapped. Serge is confronted by those determined to exact revenge for his “wicked deeds,” while Lynx is suddenly more popular and has a posse of followers at the demi-human village.

The Record of Fate

After Harle leaves, fight the Time Devourer at Opassa Beach. You’ll see Lynx (as Serge) absorb the Record of F.A.T.E. at the end, so it’s not exactly a good ending.

Galaxy Night

Find and defeat Dario after Serge gets his body back, but before Terra Tower ascends into the sky. It takes a bit of planning and requires Norris and Karsh in the party. You’ll find a note in the throne room of Viper Manor that directs you to Isle of the Damned. Battle Solt and Peppor, get the Memento Pendant from them, then put Riddel in the party and travel to the Forgotten Island for the fight against Dario.

Once that’s done, go to Opassa Beach to battle the Time Devourer. General Viper opens an orphanage, but it’s not all sunshine and roses when Dark Serge shows up.

Wicked Deeds

This ending triggers if you defeat Schala before completing Terra Tower and then battle the Time Devourer. Sage helps summon a dragon to destroy humanity before they can continue killing the planet.

Developer’s Room

Use the Time Egg at the beginning of a New Game+ run to battle the Time Devourer immediately, using only Serge. You’ll end up in a room of NPCs named after the development team who mention anecdotes about the game’s development.

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