All Venise-en-Québec homes will soon have access to high-speed internet


The federal government is teaming up with the Province of Quebec to invest $536,000 to bring high-speed internet to 855 homes in the Quebec municipality by September 2022.

The service will be provided by IHR Télécom, a non-profit organization that provides telecommunication services in rural areas. The company is also making its own investment, bringing the total number of homes that will get access to 1,200.

“High-speed internet service is essential for everyone living in rural and remote communities,” Gudie Hutchings, the minister of rural economic development, said. “Broadband infrastructure will help create jobs, improve access to health care and online learning services, and keep people connected to their family and friends.”

Image credit: ShutterStock

Source: Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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