Amazon leaks two new Kindle e-readers on its own website

Amazon leaks two new Kindle e-readers on its own website

by Lily White
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Amazon might be releasing two new Kindle e-readers, according to a leaked comparison chart that went live on the online retailer’s Canadian website. The comparison chart has since been removed, but it was captured by GoodEReader, who reported on the news.

The new devices are called the Kindle Paperweight and the Kindle Paperweight Signature Edition and are expected to cost $149.99 and $209.99, respectively.

New Kindles

Both of the new e-readers have a bigger 6.8-inch E-ink display and 17 front-light LEDs. However, only the Signature Edition (the $209 one) includes wireless charging, as well as greater 32GB storage and lighting that changes based on your surroundings.

The new models will have Wi-Fi connectivity, but it is unclear whether a cellular model will be released. Further, both devices’ displays will be flush with bezels, along with IPX8 water resistance.

It is unknown when Amazon will officially unveil the new e-readers, however, judging by the fact that the company already has comparison charts ready and live, at least momentarily, the wait shouldn’t be too long.

Image credit: GoodEReader

Source: GoodEReader

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