Creating a Stylish Home Gym That Makes You Want to Exercise

There is no better gym than the home gym. This is because you can equip however you want, arrange the space according to your liking and this gym has flexible hours! Nothing beats that much comfort and flexibility and if you want to have a home gym, you should know how to make it stylish and almost perfect.

Consider the space

If you want to add a gym to your home, you don’t necessarily have to build additional space for it. If you have a spare room or you have renovated your basement recently, it can serve as a perfect space for your gym. This is not a major renovation project, but it certainly is an enjoyable one. All you have to consider is that you have enough space for the equipment and that you have proper ventilation. If it’s a spare room you’re using, then you probably already have windows, but if it’s a basement, make sure to have an AC or ventilation system good enough to keep the humidity in check. You can check out more here.

Quality flooring

Your gym is probably going to have some weight in it, so it is a good idea to pick stylish but durable and sturdy flooring options. Also, it is smart to evenly disperse weights across the flooring joists so you won’t damage or even break the floors. For example, if the floors are made of plywood, everything heavier than 50 pounds will wrap it or even collapse the plywood floor.

Additionally, make sure to use rubber mats because they are easy to maintain, they will protect the floor and they provide amazing sound insulation. Also, if you plan on performing Olympic lifts in your home gym, make sure to invest in an Olympic platform, because dropping weights can burst the floors, no matter if they are made of wood or concrete.

Find the equipment you like

The equipment you are going to install will greatly depend on the type of training sessions you prefer. If you’re going to lift weights, do deadlifts, squats and overall build your muscles, you are going to need barbells and plate sets, as well as a few dumbells and kettlebells. Also, having a treadmill or any other machine is going to help you get your daily dose of cardio. It is also a good idea to have a TRX, resistance bands and a pilates ball for your functional workouts and for building flexible but strong muscles. And if you like to work on your fighting skills, hanging up a punching bag is always a good idea.

Lastly, since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your home gym, make sure to have proper clothing, including quality shirts, yoga pants, shorts and comfortable socks, such as Rockay socks for example. Having comfortable and quality clothing equipment for your work out is as important as the rest of the gym equipment if you want to fully enjoy your stylish home gym; you can even prevent injuries that way.

Get the best accessories

Besides the necessary equipment, you can a few of the things that will make everything more comfortable and enjoying. For example, designate a stretching zone and place a nice sturdy yoga mat there for the post-workout cooldown.

Also, you can install a nice surround system so you get play your favorite songs while getting your daily dose of working out. You can even set up a TV if you like, so you can watch your favorite show while running on a treadmill. Anything is possible today!

Have enough storage

Since there will be a lot of things in your gym, you have to have enough storage for all of them. For your wights and dumbells, it is great to have a designated rack in one corner. Also, a small closet can be handy for storing your workout clothes for example. You can even set up a shelf or two for all the small accessories, your water bottle or for the speakers for your music. Plus, a few of the hangers can keep your resistance band in one place and untangle. Basically, your storage will depend on your equipment, so make sure to have an appropriate and enough storage options in order to keep your home gym tidy, and you will always want to come back for more training.

Sometimes, going to the local gym is an easier option, but such gyms are usually overcrowded or overpriced. Since there is no place like home, you can definitely add a stylish home gym and always be sure that you’ll have the place for keeping your body and health in check. It is a big investment, but when you put down on paper how much you would be spending on a gym membership that you might not even like that much, it certainly pays off.

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