Analogue Pocket will be available to order again on December 14

Analogue Pocket will be available to order again on December 14

by Lily White
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Analogue, the company behind the excellent-looking ‘Pocket’ handheld for playing old GameBoy games, announced that it will accept more orders for the handheld on December 14th.

Further, the December 14th orders will open at 11am ET/8am PT — those who place an order will land in a fulfillment group with a staggered rollout process. The first group can expect Pocket devices to arrive sometime in Q1 2022, while the second group will need to wait until Q4 2022. And those unfortunate enough to land in group three won’t see a Pocket until 2023.

If that format sounds familiar, it’s because other handhelds — like Panic’s Playdate and Valve’s Steam Deck — received similar treatments after being delayed.

Fulfillment groups will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.

Group A: Q1 2022
Group B: Q4 2022
Group C: 2023

— Analogue (@analogue) December 10, 2021

Moreover, Analogue announced that it was increasing the price of the Pocket from $200 USD to $219 USD (about $254.55 to $278.73 CAD) due to “industry-wide component price increases.” Accessories, however, will likely remain the same price.

Analogue will start shipping Pockets to those who have already placed an order starting Monday, December 13th (today) as promised.

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Source: Analogue Via: The Verge

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