Andie MacDowell on Childhood Trauma and PTSD: ‘It’s in Your Bones’

Andie MacDowell on Childhood Trauma and PTSD: ‘It’s in Your Bones’

by Sue Jones
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Childhood trauma isn’t something that simply goes away. For actor Andie MacDowell, her experiences in childhood led to anxiety and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that still affect her now. 

“My mother had demons and issues,” MacDowell, 63, told The Zoe Report in a new interview. She explained that her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and dealt with alcohol use disorder. And MacDowell is still experiencing the effects of that childhood trauma. “I’m still working on my anxiety,” she says. “It’s hard to get rid of so much PTSD. It’s in your bones and it’s in your nervous system for sure.” 

But MacDowell says she can now “look at the bright side: I can use it, I can tap into that.” In fact, she was able to use those experiences while portraying her character in an upcoming Netflix series called Maid. MacDowell’s character is Paula, an artist with “undiagnosed” bipolar disorder, according to the trailer, who is also the main character Alex’s mother. (Alex is portrayed by MacDowell’s real-life daughter Margaret Qualley, and her real-life mother’s nickname was also Paula.)

It’s not unusual for people who have anxiety disorders to have experienced a traumatic event or endured a long-term stressful situation, the Mayo Clinic says. And PTSD typically develops after someone witnesses or experiences an acutely traumatic event. Treatment for both anxiety and PTSD (which can have overlapping symptoms) generally includes psychotherapy and, sometimes, medication. But even with treatment, dealing with trauma can be a lifelong task.

To help manage her symptoms, MacDowell went to therapy, she told The Guardian previously. She now uses self-soothing techniques to work through anxiety, such as sound therapy and breathing practices, she told The Zoe Report. Her wellness routine also includes hiking, yoga, and working up a sweat with Peloton.


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