Apex Legends Devs Say That A Seer Nerf Is Coming


The Apex Legends team at Respawn did an AMA on Reddit today to discuss the launch of Season 10 and the brand-new Legend Seer. The community had plenty of questions about the latest update and some possible balances it might need, but nothing came up quite as frequently as Seer feeling too powerful.

Like previous season updates, the biggest addition to the game is the brand new Legend Seer. While there were multiple questions and answers about Seer, gameplay engineer Travis Nordin gave the most concise answer.


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“Seer has launched strong, which was the hope. He’s also brought a lot of new gameplay elements to the game (HP bars, interrupt) which has driven a lot of discussion with players, which is great to see,” Nordin wrote. “With that being said [Seer] is probably a bit too strong at the moment and will [receive] some balance updates in an upcoming patch.”

Nordin followed up saying that players won’t have to wait until the midseason patch to see changes made to Seer. Nordin also said that they won’t be making fundamental changes to Seer’s kit, except that the flash from Seer’s tactical ability will be removed entirely. Respawn also confirmed that it is looking into making some improvements to Wattson, Crypto, and Bangalore in the future, but no timeframe was given. Respawn also said that it couldn’t give an update on when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S updates would be released.

Respawn also said that it intends to overhaul the level progression system at some point in the future, with a possible level cap increase before that. The developers said that it was important to make sure that all of the progression changes could be rolled out at the same time.

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence is live now, adding the new legend Seer, new Rampage LMG, and an updated World’s Edge map. You can also check out GameSpot’s guide on how to play the brand-new legend Seer.

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