Apex Legends Season 12 Character May Be Mad Maggie


A year after her introduction in Apex Legends’ story, warlord Mad Maggie is joining the battle royale game’s playable roster in Season 12.

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With Apex Legends Escape–the eleventh season for the battle royale game–slated to end in early February, Respawn has started teasing what’s to come in Season 12. The new playable character in Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance is Mad Maggie, a character we haven’t seen since Season 8.

Respawn started teasing Mad Maggie’s inclusion on January 21, via the coolest Apex Legends content tease to date. If you drop into a match on Storm Point, you can hear and see a battle taking place in the skies above the map. During the battle, you may hear a huge explosion, indicating one of the ships has been shot down. You can watch the ship begin to fall towards the ground at the northern part of Storm Point, before the ship seemingly makes a warp space jump to an unknown location just ahead of the crash. A piece of the ship doesn’t make it, though, ultimately falling down on the leftmost peninsula of North Pad.

Prominently painted onto the ship is the symbol of Salvo, which Mad Maggie loves leaving behind when she blows stuff up. You can easily identify the piece of ship from a distance, given that it glows with a bluish-purple energy.


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That’s definitely the symbol that Maggie carved into the side of Kings Canyon with explosives.

Who is Mad Maggie?

Margaret “Mad Maggie” Kōhere was first introduced as the childhood friend of Season 8 legend Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy. Maggie and Wally grew up on Salvo, a Fringe World of constant battle where warlords and their respective followers fought for control. Prior to the events of Apex Legends, the entire planet had been in a state of perpetual war for more than 50 years.

In this environment, Maggie and Wally grew up to become exceptionally competent mercenaries, relying on each other for decades. However, whereas Maggie strove to become Salvo’s next ruling warlord–adopting the moniker of Mad Maggie–Wally fell in love with the glory-seeking nature of Salvo’s arena bloodsport: the Bonecage. This created a rift in the pair’s friendship.

Eventually the Syndicate–the group that oversees and runs the Apex Games–sought to acquire Salvo, promising peace for the war-torn world if it became the seventh planet to join Syndicate Space. Though Maggie fought against the takeover with all her might, the rulers of Salvo agreed to the Syndicate’s terms. As part of the deal, Salvo was allowed to add one of their warriors to the Apex Games as a new legend and Wally was chosen, adopting the moniker of Fuse.


Maggie viewed Wally’s decision to join the Apex Games as a betrayal of Salvo’s fight for independence, and upon his departure, the two friends fought over his leaving–an argument that ended with Maggie tossing a grenade at Wally in a fit of frustration and blowing off his arm (which is why Fuse has a mechanical arm). Refusing to let her friend abandon her, Maggie followed Fuse to the Apex Games, orchestrating a terrorist attack on the civilian populace attending his welcoming ceremony (which is why whole sections of Kings Canyon are now gone).

Maggie continued to hound Wally and his fellow legends for the entirety of Season 8, promising a reward to anyone who managed to give her Wally’s other arm, and temporarily taking over the Apex Games in Season 8’s Chaos Theory limited-time event with the Ring Fury Takeover. She became the main antagonist of Season 8’s Quest, Armageddon, which saw Fuse ultimately befriend Lifeline and kindle a strong connection (which has since been heavily hinted to be romantic in nature) with Bloodhound.


Apex Legends Season 8 Quest: Armageddon ends with Fuse, Lifeline, and Bloodhound watching Mad Maggie sacrifice herself, with the implication that she committed suicide after learning that she’d never be able to convince her oldest friend to join her crusade for Salvo independence.

After Fuse tells Maggie that he’s found a new home among the legends and that he’s not returning to Salvo, Maggie attempts to kill Lifeline and Bloodhound with some hidden turrets. Fuse quickly blows the turrets up, but the resulting explosion knocks him and Maggie over the side of a skyscraper. Both manage to grab hold of hanging scaffolding, but when Fuse offers Maggie his arm to help pull her up to safety, she smugly replies that she’s decided he can “keep it” after all and then lets go, seemingly falling to her death.

In actuality, Maggie returned to Salvo to continue her fight for the planet’s independence. However, she was eventually arrested and brought on trials for her crimes–a trial that ended with her marked for execution. However, just prior to being gunned down, Maggie was spared. Eduardo Silva (the father of Octavio “Octane” Silva) decided Maggie’s execution would be better served in the Apex Games, and drafted her as the newest legend to join The Syndicate’s bloodsport.

What abilities will Mad Maggie have?

Respawn has yet to confirm Mad Maggie abilities, so we can only guess as to what they might be. We have two theories as to what kind of character she could be.

The first theory is that Mad Maggie will have abilities tied to what we’ve already seen her do in-game, when she took control of the Apex Games in the Ring Fury Takeover. In that takeover, Maggie figured out a way to shape the energy that creates the ring to make “ring flares,” pockets of dangerous energy that appear within the safe zones. So maybe she can temporarily tweak the ring, making small ring flares as an offensive character or lessening the damage of the ring for her allies and herself as a support character. Apex Legends has long needed a new support character, so maybe Season 12 is finally when we get one.

Apex Legends' last support character was Loba, added in Season 5. So it's been six seasons of only offensive, defensive, and recon legends.
Apex Legends’ last support character was Loba, added in Season 5. So it’s been six seasons of only offensive, defensive, and recon legends.

The other theory is that Mad Maggie’s abilities have potentially already been revealed via a datamine. Several of Apex Legends’ characters have been hinted at months ahead of their official release via datamined abilities attached to code names. Revenant initially appeared as “Blackout” in datamined Apex Legends files, for example, and Valkyrie was first listed as “Valk.”

So, in theory, one of the datamined legend profiles could be an early placeholder for Mad Maggie. The most prevalent guess going around right now was first put forward by Apex Legends dataminer KralRindo, who pointed out similarities between Mad Maggie’s abilities as depicted in the in-game comics and those of datamined legend “Husaria,” who seems geared towards offense as an explosive door breacher.

According to the datamine, Husaria will have a gun strapped to her leg, giving her the passive ability that she can break down doors and more aggressively melee attack enemies if she has shotgun ammo in her inventory. Her tactical ability is supposedly a flashbang grenade that temporarily blinds and deafens those caught in its blast, and her ultimate ability is a device that emits a sonic wave that forces open doors and destroys traps. All of that fits Mad Maggie’s aggressive personality, but given that Husaria is a datamined legend and thus could have been scrapped ages ago, there’s no way to tell if she’s still the starting point for an upcoming Apex Legends character.

Other possible datamined characters that could be Maggie include an “Elite Mercenary” who seems to be able to create ring flares with their tactical ability (though the community commonly believes this character is a potential placeholder for Blisk) and “Downfall,” who possesses abilities related to blowing stuff up and is able to passively grow angry enough to withstand fire damage.

When does Apex Legends Season 12 start?

Apex Legends Season 12 will start February 8.

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