As the Legacy season of Apex Legends approaches, it’s important to know how it intertwines with Titanfall to understand what’s on the way for Respawn Entertainment’s Sci-Fi universe. Join Persia as she goes into a deep dive on the connections between Apex Legend and Titanfall that occur over the course of over 700 years and major connections within the titles such as Kuben Blisk, Ash, and Viper.


In this video, Persia goes into a deep dive on the various connections between Apex Legends and the Titanfall universe. Season 9 of Apex Legends is right around the corner and will be bridging its gap between Titanfall 2 more than ever with the introduction of Viper’s daughter as the newest legend to join the Apex Games.

Persia runs through the entire timeline beginning in the 2100s and leading to the present-day in Apex which is 2735. The beginnings of this ever-expanding universe were controlled by the rise of Hammond Engineering and the IMC who become one of the biggest connections besides Kuben Blisk, the leader of the Apex Predators and the commissioner of the Apex Games.

Other notable connections that Persia mentions are Ash, the doctor or Apex Predator depending on who you’re asking, and Bangalore who has a family history within the IMC as soldiers and scientists.

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