Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air expected to ship with M2 chip

Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air expected to ship with M2 chip

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Forward-looking: Apple analyst and iOS developer @dylandkt said in a recent Twitter post that the next Air will be released in the middle of 2022 and ship with MagSafe technology, a 1080p webcam, USB-C ports and a 30-watt power adapter. The slim laptop won’t have any active cooling, the leaker said, adding that there will be color options similar to the 24-inch iMac.

With a new batch of MacBook Pros now official, the rumor mill has turned its attention to the next iteration of Apple’s MacBook Air.

The upcoming MacBook (Air) will release in the middle of 2022. It will have MagSafe, a 1080p webcam, USB C ports, a 30W power adapter, and no fans. There will be color options similar to the iMac 24. The bezels and keyboard will be an off white with full sized function keys.

— Dylan (@dylandkt) October 21, 2021

Aesthetically speaking, Dylan believes the design will be similar to the new MacBook Pro, albeit thinner and lighter. Furthermore, the bezels and keyboard area will be an off-white color, and there will be a full complement of Function keys.

Dylan further notes that there will be a binned option when purchasing, much like what we see with the current gen MacBook Air where Apple sells a model with an eight-core GPU and one with a seven-core GPU for a bit less coin.

Dylan believes the new MacBook Air, which could emerge simply as the MacBook, will ship with Apple’s own M2 processor and a Mini LED-equipped display. Face ID isn’t expected, nor is an SD card slot or HDMI port. Support for at least two external displays is also expected, and the starting price is expected to go up slightly.

The Twitter leaker has a solid track record as of late, accurately sharing details about the M1 iPad Pro and the 24-inch iMac before Apple officially announced them.

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