Apple’s Store no longer requires verification for education discounts


If you’re looking to get a slight discount on a new Apple product, you can now do so through the tech giant’s Apple Education Program.

Previously, Apple used Unidays to verify that people were eligible students, but that limitation has been lifted. Thinking back, my partner bought an M1 MacBook Air last winter with the education discount and didn’t need to verify what school she was attending.

Other reports from U.S. publications like The Verge and MacRumors have also verified this shift in Apple’s policy. The only catch is it’s unclear how much longer Apple will keep the Education Store open to everyone. It’s possible that because news of Apple opening up its education program is now widespread, the company will backpedal on the decision.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to note that Apple has locked down the Education Store with new rules that limit people from taking too much advantage of the discount. These rules limit shoppers to one desktop, Mac mini, laptop, two iPads and two accessories per year, per Apple account.

Source: Apple Store Via: The Verge 

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