AREC 2018 – Lee Woodward – A framework for action and sustainable success


The buzz you feel when leaving an incredible 2-day immersion experience like AREC can be short-lived without a plan for action. Lee will walk you through a framework that will help you transfer your AREC experience to the job and deliver the structure and consistency you need for ongoing success in your chosen career.

Over 20 years working with everyone from struggling agents to the top 5% in Australia, has taught Lee that the keys to sustainable success in real estate sales are structure and consistency. There is no one better than the author of best-selling book, Frameworks – foundations & systems for success in real estate sales, to show you how to build your post-AREC rollout plan.

1. How to design and activate your own sales agent’s roll-out plan
2. The sequential journey of a sale — from prospect to customer for life
3. Deliver better customer experience and future-proof your business

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