Aubrey Plaza channels inner Catwoman and licks Stephen Colbert’s face


Aubrey Plaza is gonna do what Aubrey Plaza is gonna do, whether she’s sacrificing Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard at the Indie Spirit Awards or licking Stephen Colbert’s face on The Late Show. That last part came on Friday as Plaza was on the show promoting her role in the Chucky film Child’s Play.
Everyone, apparently, always asks Plaza about what superhero character she would like to play in a movie and she always says Catwoman. “It’s not something I think about every day,” she clarified. With Robert Pattinson now playing Batman in a new movie, Plaza added, “I’m just not gonna even try to get that part. There’s no way in Hell they’re gonna cast me.”

That’s when Colbert gave her a pair of cat ears, a bowl of water, and a dangly cat toy. Plaza proceeded to make “meow” sounds, slurp the water, climb on Colbert’s desk, and then lick Colbert’s face.

After the commercial break, Plaza helped Colbert with his latest edition of Community Calendar, his spoof on public access television. Melissa McCarthy, Aaron Paul, Jeff Daniels, Adam Driver, and John Oliver all appeared in this segment previously, and Friday was Plaza’s turn to talk about the absurd goings on in her hometown, Wilmington, Delaware.
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