Barbie Games, Makeovers, And Dress Up Games – Not Just For Children But Also Adults



Ever since its launch in 1959 the Barbie doll has become immensely popular with both children and adults. Over a period of time Mattel, the company manufacturing Barbie has added many clothes, accessories like shoes and jewelery etc. not to mention Barbie playmates like Skipper and Ken. Also available in the market are Barbie playhouse, kitchen and household items and furniture.

The popularity of the Barbie doll has spawned many online Barbie games, which include makeover games and Barbie dress up games. These games are suitable for both children and adults. In these games Barbie can be dressed up for a party or as a bride, complete with dress, shoes, handbag etc.

These games also include Barbie games in which Barbie makeovers can include dressing up game and giving Barbie different hairstyles. The Barbie doll is spotted worldwide and at times is dressed up according to the dress code of the country in which it is being marketed.

The online Barbie games not only include Barbie makeover and Barbie dress up games but also present different challenges at different levels. In these games Barbie may be a spy chasing some anti social elements and may be fighting with the help of Skipper and Ken or she may be a scuba diver who has to save herself from underwater obstacles and sea animals like sharks, octopuses or make believe sea monsters.

But among all Barbie games, Barbie makeover games and Barbie dress up games are the most popular among young girls who love to dress up Barbie in different clothes to suit different occasions and in the process live out their wish of being adults and dressing up like them . Adults prefer the challenge games which challenge their mental skills apart from being a source of good entertainment.



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