While you are pre-loading Battlefield 2042 ahead of the beta release we’re here to tell you about what you’re going to play. Here’s what you need to know about the Orbital map, four specialists, gun attachment system, call-in tablet, and freaking tornadoes.

David Ahmadi

EA has launched the Battlefield 2042 beta, allowing players to dive into the hugely anticipated all-out warfare Conquest mode. We had an early look at the game during a hands-on preview event with three hours of game time prior to the beta’s launch, and we have so much to break down with you all.

In this video, we talk about our impressions on the core gameplay loop, if Battlefield feels as good as its predecessors, and some of the new quality-of-life changes. From the new vehicle call-in system to the new attachment changes letting you adjust your weapon on the fly, Battlefield 2042 has made a lot of visible tweaks that are sure to change your gameplay up in new and fun ways.

There were also four specialists–the game’s equivalent of classes–that we got to use, with McKay getting most of the love thanks to his handy grapple hook and intrinsic mobility perks. We’d also be remiss to not mention the wicked new tornado wrecking havoc on players and the map and how that looked for the first time, as well as breaking down the Orbital map’s rocket launch levolution. For more Battlefield 2042, be sure to stick to GameSpot!