“Battlefront II,” “2042” Designer Exits DICE

“Battlefront II,” “2042” Designer Exits DICE

by Sue Jones
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Battlefront Ii 2042 Designer Exits Dice

DICE’s head of design Fawzi Mesmar has reportedly left the game developer following the release of “Battlefield 2042”. His departure was announced in an email sent to staff this week and suggests he’d been planning to leave for some time.

Mesmar steered the acclaimed design team of over 80 creative directors, game designers and more on several high-profile projects such as “Battlefield 2042,” “Battlefield V” and “Star Wars Battlefront II”.

The games left behind leave a complicated legacy. Though applauded for its graphics and visual design, “Star Wars Battlefront II” for example became infamous for its egregious microtransactions.

Then there’s “Battlefield 2042” which was released last week and has the worst user score of the year on Steam with players said to be heavily frustrated by some of its creative choices. DICE is already planning a major patch release this week with another coming very shortly.

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